Chapter 43

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Ty's POV


The sound my body made as I was tossed carelessly onto the ground, or what I assumed to be the ground.

Whatever was over my head kept me from being able to see. Darn you dark sorcerer.

There was small rustling going on around me before a light blinded me, the sack being removed from my face.

I blinked rapidly to get my eyes to adjust to the harsh lighting.

I was in a chair, my hands tied painfully behind my back, my ankles receiving the same treatment only they were tied to the chair's legs.

The sight that was in front of me made me stiffen.

A woman sat in front of me, a potato sack over her head, with her hands and ankles tied like mine.

Her head was tilted to the side, showing she was unconscious, as the dark sorcerer prodded her slowly.

I glared daringly when he glanced up at me, a devious smirk stretching his features.

Without a word, he grabbed the sack and ripped it off, revealing the unconscious face of my mother.

All muscles in my body contracted against my rough-textured restraints as I stared.

He has my mother. The dark sorcerer has my morher. This can't be good.

Silently, said person pulled out a small dagger and held it to her neck.

I shook my head defiantly. "Don't you dare."

The dark sorcerer tilted her head up so her face was pointed towards the ceiling, placing the sharp blade on the hollow of her neck.

"Stay out of my way and I won't."

My hands balled into fists in the restraints. "You bastard."

The dark sorcerer let out a low snort and pressed down, a small trickle of crimson liquid flowing down her neck.

"Okay, okay! I won't interfere! Leave her alone," I mumbled bitterly.

With a satisfied smirk, the dark sorcerer nodded and pulled the blade away, walking over to me and placing the sack back on my head once again.

This is what I get for visiting my family.

(Sorry it's so short. I'll try to make it longer next time)

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