Chapter 35

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Seto's POV

Different shades of white and purple light illuminated the small space in the warehouse as the dark sorcerer and I exchanged spells.

Occasionally, one of us would hit a box filled with styrofoam pellets and they'd explode everywhere, covering us both in a nontransparent fog.

The dark sorcerer stood before me, one of the said fogs clearing slowly from the air to the slick cement floor.

His bright white eyes were narrowed in a glare as a ball of white sat on is fingertips.

I copied his stance, a purple ball in my hand, and got ready to attack.

"For someone who hasn't been around magic all his life, you're a pretty decent sorcerer," the dark sorcerer stated throwing his attack at me.

With a quick mutter, I teleported behind him and threw the ball at his back.

The impact sent him sprawling across the concrete floor, pushing me back slightly as well.

"I appreciate the complement. I've got to say, though, you're not the best magic wielder."

He snarled and slowly pushed himself up, glaring at me over his shoulder before shooting up.

"Well aren't you a pleaser."

Before I could comprehend what was going on, the dark sorcerer had me pinned against the ground, his foot on my chest.

"I would love to have a repeat of what happened back in Minecraftia, wouldn't you?" He cooed, a sword at my neck.

I glared, muttering a spell under my breath and teleporting to the other side of the to.

"Sure! I would love to go through the hours of nonstop pain and torture I endured as you drained me of my magic," I exclaimed sarcastically, summoning another ball of magic.

The dark sorcerer laughed and slammed my back against the wall. "I thought you'd never ask."

Swiftly, I kicked his legs out from under him and dashed towards the exit.

A low growl reached my ears and the dark sorcerer appeared before me, foot outstretched.

I had no time to react as my foot caught on his and I was sent sprawling across the ground, the wind knocked out of me.

The dark sorcerer smirked down at me as I hacked and heaved for the air that had been forced out of my lungs.

"You're such an easy target, you know?" He spat grabbing my hair in a fist and yanking me up.

A cry of pain escaped me as I was forced to my feet, the dark sorcerer's sword instantly finding my neck.

"Ready for round two?"

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