Chapter 41

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Devin's POV

I stood silently in the back of the group, watching as Jason gave our tickets to the conductor.

Seto, after giving me andJerome a long lecture about alcohol, dragged us to the train station and bought us tickets to Montreal.

The current plan of action was to go to Mitch's house and see what had happened while he was there according to his family.

Jason led us inside the large, metal vehicle and into the sleeping quarters.

"Alright. Time for some serious planning. No more alcohol, nothing but water, soda and tea, got it?" Seto stated sternly.

I bit my lip as I pulled Quirren closer to me slightly, feeling terrible and confused as to whatever that drink was had done to me.

According to what the others described though, it was not pretty.

With a few mutters of protest, Ian opened the room we would be staying in and let us inside, sliding the door closed behind us.

I sat on one of the small bunks, sliding Quirren into my lap immediately after.

The others gradually made themselves comfortable around the small room before Quentin cleared his throat.

"So. How are we going to go about defeating the dark sorcerer?"

After countless ideas being deemed useless and a few naps, we finally reached Montreal.

Quirren slung herself onto my back, her arms latching around my neck as we got up to leave.

"How long until we get to Mitch's house?" I asked.

"About a ten minute taxi ride I believe, let's go." Seto informed, calling a car.

We all piled in and drove off, arriving at the Canadian's house half an hour later due to traffic.

Ian handed the driver a small amount of money as we all filed out of the car and watched it speed away.

Quirren tightened her grip around my neck slightly as she stared at the hard uneasily.

I reached up and squeezed her hand reassuringly and followed Jerome up to the front door.

He knocked on the door softly, taking a step back afterwards.

The door creaked open slowly, only to fly open a second later and Jerome be thrown inside.

I was forced in after him, stumbling slightly.

"Come in. Hurry, come in before the dark sorcerer sees you," A woman muttered quickly, letting the others in.

"What happened?" Jerome asked quietly as the woman shut the door.

She ushered us into the living room and made us sit on the couch before taking a seat in front of us herself.

"I don't know. Mitch and Connor went outside to play basketball and next thing I know there's loud sirens and one of my sons are dead on the lawn," the woman, who I assumed to be Mitch's mother, whimpered.

I pulled Quirren closer to me slightly, unable to imagine what it'd be like without her.

"The dark sorcerer killed Connor?" Quentin asked in disbelief.

"That's what we believe happened. We can't be too sure since we weren't with them at the time," a man grumbled bitterly, sitting next to the woman.

"Do you know what happened to Mitch?" Jerome asked.

The man pursed his lips as his wife started to cry into his shoulder.

"We can only assume the dark sorcerer corrupted him in some way. You saw the news right?"

We all nodded grimly.

"It's not like him to act like that, we agree." Seto spoke up.

The man sighed. "Is that all you needed?"

"Actually sir, we need a place to hang. The team house was blown to bits," I muttered.

The man nodded slowly. "That's fine with me. Some of you may have to sleep on the couch, though."

"We don't mind. Thank you Mr. Hughes. We really appreciate it," Jerome muttered.

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