Chapter 23

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Jerome's POV

I shuffled my feet against the asphalt, slowly making my way away from the car and the others.

All alone, I was forced to wonder around until I ran into one of my friends.

Fear gnawed at me as I hugged my self tightly.

Were my friends okay? Where are they?

My thoughts came to an abrupt stop as I was suddenly tackled to the ground, two red eyes glaring down at me.

I gasped in surprise and immediately went into a struggling fit.

The She-Demon, Lilac, smirked down at me.

"Shh, don't make this hard on me, Chewie. I'll try to make this as painful as possible." she cooed sadistically, holding a small knife to my neck.

I swallowed uneasily, staying silent as I stared up at her in fear.

She grinned and trust the blade through my shoulder, ripping a scream from my throat.

I squirmed under her weight as she yanked out the weapon, once again holding it to my neck.

"Stop moving, Chewie, you'll make your death quicker." she pouted, raising the knife again.

Suddenly, Lilac was shoved off of me and the familiar faces of Ian and Ryan stood over me, concern written all over them.

"Jerome you okay?"

I grunted, pushing myself up as best I could.

"Other than the hole in my shoulder I'm just peachy Ryan, thanks for asking."

Ryan rolled his eyes and shifted his attention over to the other side of the street.

I followed his gaze and watched as Lilac and Aisha stood at a stale mate, knife and gun on chest.

Suddenly, Lilac pulled her knife away and let her arm fall limply at her side.

"Do it," I heard her challenge, "Master will kill me anyways. Go ahead and shoot me."

"Why would the dark sorcerer kill his sidekick? Right now I think you're just trying to make me put my guard down so you can stab me in the back." Aisha growled, tightening her grip on the gun.

Lilac smiled grimly and threw the knife to the side, nonchalantly watching it slide away from her.

"Master thinks I'm nothing but a waste of space, someone who deserves to rot in a cell for the rest of their damned lives. He told me I had one shot left to prove myself to him, clearly he put me in a position he knew I'd fail in. So go ahead, pull the trigger. I'm dead either way."

Ian shook his head and turned to my shoulder, applying pressure to stop the bleeding.

I winced and pulled my attention away from the two girls, laying down again on my back.

"Kill me, dammit! How hard is it to pull a damn trigger!" Lilac growled.

"I'm not killing you, Lilac," Aisha stated calmly, "Not when I know your story."

I slowly glanced back at the scene as Lilac glared.

"It's not that hard to pull a trigger, Aisha." she spat, quickly snatching the gun out of Aisha's hand and holding it to her head.

"No!" Aisha cried, reaching for the gun.

Then the trigger was pulled.

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