Chapter 5

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You write really good chapters even when you're tired fallout. Dang.

Well, you gave me an awesome idea so let's see how this plays out.

Ian's POV

I said my outro and hit 'Stop' on Fraps, stopping the recording.

It was well after midnight by now and my bed was calling me, but I wasn't listening.

Something I had seen in the middle of the recording brought up my curiosity.

Swiveling my mouse, I clicked on the Minecraft launcher.

I tapped my finger impatiently awaiting for the game to load.

The all too familiar terrain loaded on my screen and I tensed slightly.

Something about the world felt off, familiar even.

Slowly, my avatar walked through the dense forest until I lifted my finger off the W key.

Crackling like the wrapper of a candy bar being opened hummed through my headphones.

I swallowed hard as my avatar ran towards the sound.

Soon, the avatar broke the tree line and the sight made me gasp slightly.

Minecraft was burning all over again.

I slowly moved my mouse to take in the village before me, flames lifting into the sickly yellow sky.

This wasn't the village from the original nightmares, this was the one we had all met the dark sorcerer in.

Two figures laid before the front gates that haunted our dreams.

I gaged slightly as the realization dawned on me that these two figures were Quirren and Devin.

And they were dead.

My hands shook and my breathing was short as I turned away from them.

Suddenly, my computer screen flashed a bright white, and a face appeared.

I cursed loudly and fell backwards, staring in awe at the screen.

Frantic footsteps came from the stairs as my screen flickered again then went black.

"Ian what the h*ll are you okay?" A tired yet worried voice asked, footsteps quickly approaching.

"Yeah." I muttered, standing up and closing my laptop.

The lights flicked on, revealing an exhausted looking Jerome.

"Why'd you yell?" He yawned.

I eyed my laptop wearily.

"I saw something."

"What'd you see? A pop up add?" Jerome teased.

"No. Minecraft was dead again." I whispered, still staring at my laptop.

"Ian, you clearly need sleep. C'mon, it's almost two in the morning."

I nodded tiredly, tearing my eyes from my laptop and trudging up the stairs to my room.

Flipping on my bed, I pulled the covers over myself and closed my eyes.

The image of the dark sorcerer's face flashed before my closed eyes again as I slowly drifted off to sleep.

Pretty crappy chapter if you ask me.

Oh well. Good luck I guess Fallout.

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