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Chapter 27

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Jerome's POV

We had hitch a bus over to the airport before flying to Seto's home town.

Hopefully, Seto was fine.

Our footsteps pounded in our ears as we ran down the street, due to the taxi being unwilling to drive us down the neighborhood

"How far is his house?" Devin asked, Quirren holding tightly to his neck.

"Just a few more doors down!" Ian called next to me.

Devin grunted as he pushed himself a bit harder, gaining speed.

Our shoes dug into the concrete as we turned and ran up to Seto's front door.

When we got there, it was hanging wide open, almost off it's hinges.

"Shoot." Aisha muttered.

I walked inside slowly, pushing the door away.

The entryway was completely trashed, coat hangers, shoes, and shattered pots lay everywhere on the ground.

"Looks like a struggle." Ian pointed out under his breath.

I nodded and continued deeper into the house.

The living room was the first room inside, object littering the floor as well.

"Jesus. I hope this was a robbery."

"Should we split up?" Devin asked, looking up the stairs.

"Hey guys! Come see this!" Ryan called from another room.

"Looks like Ryan was one step ahead of you." Aisha murmured, walking off into the kitchen.

I shrugged and followed her into the kitchen.

Ryan was standing by the island, looking down at it with worry. "Look at this."

I approached slowly, scared as to what I'd find.

Too late.

Those words were carved into the granite island top, a bloodied knife sticking out of it on the end.

"Oh god..."

A feeling is helplessness suddenly hit me.

We had no idea what we were getting into.

Slowly, each of us were falling one by one.

We had no way of fighting back, no knowledge of what the dark sorcerer was truly capable of.

Slowly, realization washed over us.

We had no chance.

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