Chapter 13

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Ian's POV

Confusion, fear, worry, and pain, the only emotions in the air as the convention goers stared at the burning building.

Children cried in their mothers arms as they held them close, confused and dumbstruck faces trained on the rubble.

Adam was next to Ty, still freaking out, but his shaking had turned into small trembles.

Seto laid out cold on the concrete a few feet away, his chest rising and falling slowly, indicating he was still alive.

Mitch and Jerome sat together, comforting the little girl and the man Seto was trying to help.

Jason and Quentin went from family to family, offering help and encouragement when needed.

Ryan and I were sitting on a curb near the entrance, watching everyone.

"He's back." Ryan muttered.

I nodded slowly. "Yup. The hell continues."

He scoffed. "No kidding."

A sigh escaped my mouth as I turned to the plants behind us.

My eyes widened slightly and I socked Ryan's arm to get his attention.

He glared at me, but turned to what I was looking at and froze.

The small rose bush, once full of life and beautiful, was starting to wither away.

It seemed to start at the leaves closest to the destroyed wall, then spread through the plant and into the ground, infecting the surrounding grass and beyond.

Ryan cursed quietly and turned to the sky as a jet flew overhead.

"Ian, check out the sky." he said slowly, almost cautiously.

I did as he said and my jaw dropped.

The blue sky was turning a sickly yellow color, the sun seeming to be the source of the taint.

I cursed a bit too loud and jumped to my feet as a few news vans pulled up.

Ryan joined me at his feet and sighed. "Just what these people needed, cameras and microphones shoved into their faces."

I nodded, growling a curse, and walked over to Ty and Adam.

Ryan's footsteps slowly faded behind me as he walked to Mitch and Jerome

I bent down and whispered into his ear. "Keep Adam distracted, I'll try to keep the reporters away."

He nodded and turned back to Adam, ignoring me as I walked towards Mitch and Jerome's small group.

"Heads up, the cameras are back." I muttered, sitting next to Ryan.

"Ian, do you recognize these two people?" He asked quietly, his eyes never leaving the little girl and what I assumed to be her father.

I eyed the two closely, gasping when I recognized them.

"Quirren and Devin... How are you...?"

Jerome chuckled. "Same way the dark sorcerer is here."

Quirren smiled shyly and waved at me, her father doing the same but not as energetic.

"Is he okay?" I asked Mitch quietly.

He nodded. "Just needs some rest, the dark sorcerer did a number on both of them before coming to this world."

I nodded in understanding as a camera was shoved into my face.

"Ian of Team Crafted, right? Can you explain what's happened here today?" A female reporter asked, adding a microphone to the camera in my face.

Before I could muster any kind of remark, a voice boomed over the crowd.

"I could tell you what will happen. Very soon might I add."

All attention shifted to the speaker and a deafening silence fell over us.

The dark sorcerer stood not even ten feet away, a small boy in his clutches.

The boy whimpered with fear and struggled to get away from the man holding a small dagger to his neck.

The camera and microphone both turned towards the dark sorcerer's back, which was turned to us, as he glared at the cowering crowd.

My eyes widened slightly as he started to speak.

Oh god help us.

Mitch's POV

I froze instantly when I saw the boy quivering in the dark sorcerer's grasp.


Not my little brother.

Anyone but him.

My body slowly pushed itself up into a standing position and made it's way over to the sorcerer, my fists clenched tightly at my side.

"I will destroy this world and all who call it home!" He roared, his voice booming unnaturally around the area.

I was so close to him now, almost within arm's reach.

"And my first victim will be this little boy! Say goodbye!" He laughed sadistically, slitting my brother's throat.

I cried out in rage and swung my fist, hitting him square in the jaw.

Connor's body fell limp on the ground as the dark sorcerer stumbled away, gripping his jaw.

His glowing whit eyes glared at me as he stood straighter.

"Better watch your actions Mitchell, not everything is as they seem." He growled, disappearing in a black puff of smoke.

My attention, however, was on the body at my feet.

It wasn't Connor, he's safe. It happened again. Frick.

Jerome jogged over to me and pushed the approaching reporters away, placing a hand on my shoulder.

Well f*ck.

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