Chapter 33

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Seto's POV

Lilac helped me to my feet, instantly slinging my arm over her shoulder to help support me.

"Why are you helping me?" I questioned hoarsely.

The she demon sighed and set me down in the office chair.

"Master doesn't want me around anymore. What's the point in serving someone who doesn't need you?" She shrugged, glancing at the dark sorcerer's body.

"Should we try killing him again?"

Lilac shook her head. "No. Master ail just come back."

I sighed, studying the dark sorcerer as he slept.

"Do you by chance know where we are?"

"I know we're in an old warehouse but that's as much as I know." Lilac stated, shrugging.

"Do you know where my friends are?" I asked, watching her.

She tensed slightly before scratching the back of her neck.

"I, uh, no, I don't."

"That didn't sound too sure," I stated cautiously, raising an eyebrow.

"I honest to Notch don't know where they are. I kinda lost them after an attempted suicide," she muttered, looking at the ground.

"Oh... Well then, what now?"

Lilac bit her bottom lip and glanced back at the dark sorcerer's body.

"I could get you your powers back."

I jumped to my feet, eyes wide in disbelief. "You can't be serious."

The she demon nodded. "I am. It's not that difficult either. Just a simple ritual. Should take a few seconds."

It took all of my will power to not jump for joy as a small grin stretched across my face.

"Will you?"

Lilac nodded slowly and muttered an ancient language under her breath.

A purple mist flowed from the dark sorcerer's slightly agape mouth and into the palm of my hand, strength filling my weakened muscles once again.

By the time Lilac was done, I felt like I could run a marathon.

I had opened my mouth to thank her, but didn't get the chance as the dark sorcerer's fist collided with my face.

With a grunt, I was sent sprawling back into a stack of boxes.

"I thought the idiots had killed you." He growled, brightly glowing eyes narrowing at Lilac.

She crossed her arms and glared. "They left me after I shot myself. You aren't the only one who thought I was dead."

I growled and sent the dark sorcerer flying into the metal object that I was cuffed to earlier, which I now realize was a filing cabinet.

"Leave Lilac alone. She's not apart of this."

The dark sorcerer stood and smirked, nodding slowly. "You're right. This is between me and you."

"Lilac, go find the others," I ordered sternly, my attention not leaving the dark sorcerer.

Her footsteps shuffled away before disappearing from my line of hearing.

"As soon as I'm done with you, I'm going to kill the traitor." He growled, eyes flashing as he threw a ball of white light at me.

I rolled to the side and glared. "Over my dead body."

The dark sorcerer's face twisted into a demented smirk as he held two balls of white light in each hand.

"That can be arranged."

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