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Chapter 29

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Seto's POV

The sound of soft knocking rang throughout the empty house.

My family had insisted I stay home and rest while they went grocery shopping.

Grunting, I heaved myself out of the comfort that was my couch and staggered to the door.

I was winded by the time I got there, the room taking a spin.

The knock sounded again, this time a bit more annoyed.

"I'm coming," I slurred, gripping the doorknob for support.

My hand twisted it and the door nearly blew off it's hinges, a figure rushing in and slamming my back against the wall.

The air was forced out of my lungs at the impact, forcing me to cough and choke to get it back.

When I finally composed myself, I noticed it was the dark sorcerer that stood, holding me against the wall by the collar of my shirt.

"Hello Seto." He cooed, white eyes flashing.

"W-What do you want?" I growled, glaring.

The dark sorcerer grinned maliciously and yanked me forward, sending me flying into the living room.

My body crashed into the coffee table, crushing it under my weight.

"I came to say hello! Is that a crime?" The dark sorcerer smirked, appearing next to me.

He gripped the collar of my shirt once again and jolted me upwards, throwing me into the wall of the entryway.

"I could do this all day." The dark sorcerer laughed, striding over to me.

I struggled to push myself up, but another wave of nausea sent me back onto the floor.

"Poor, poor sorcerer. Can't even get up on his own." The dark sorcerer taunted, roughly grabbing a fistful of my hair and dragging me into the living room.

I grimaced in pain and pushed weakly against his hold on me.

"You're pathetic." The dark sorcerer growled, throwing me against the wall again.

I gasped and slid down the wall, limbs limp in defeat.

"You give up already?"

"I-I don't g-give up." I panted, trying again to push myself up.

The dark sorcerer scoffed and lashed out, grabbing my neck and holding me up.

"It seems to me that you have." He sneered, my world spinning into darkness.

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