Chapter 25

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Jerome's POV

Lilac's body crumbled to the ground in an instant, the gun falling to her side.

Aisha's hands flew to her mouth as she stared in horror down at the corpse.

"Aisha! Can you help with Jerome!" Ryan called, hoping she would leave the body.

She nodded slowly and pried her vision from Lilac, jogging over to us.

"I don't have magic so I-"

"Guys?! What the heck happened here?" A male voice suddenly yelled, cutting off Aisha.

In a blur of white and gold, Quirren was wrapping her arms carefully around my neck, Devin skidding to a stop behind Ian.

"What happened?" He repeated.

"I'd like to know the same thing." another masculine voice boomed, the dark sorcerer appearing next to Lilac's body.

I cringed as I tried to get a better view, earning a few worried glances from my friends.

"What does it look like? She Demon stabbed me in the shoulder then killed herself." I spat through gritted teeth.

Devin got up and stood between our group and the dark sorcerer, his daughter gripping my arm tightly.

Ryan casted a wary glance at Quirren before turning his attention to Devin.

"Hey, Little Lightly?"

Quirren perked up at her nickname, looking at me with a questioning expression.

"Is there a possible chance you could take the pain away?"

She giggled lightly and nodded, her eyes glowing faintly as she started to mutter under her breath.

My eyes drifted off to behind the little girl, watching her father growl at the dark sorcerer.

Ian seemed to tense next to me and moved behind Quirren, blocking her gaze if she were to turn around.

Relief flooded through me as I felt my skin slowly stitch itself together again, Quirren's spell going into effect at last.

"What can't you do Quirren?" Ian muttered, watching my shoulder heal itself.

Quirren giggled happily and started to list a few things she had trouble with, but I didn't pay much attention to it.

My attention was focused more on the fight going on behind the girl.

Devin and the dark sorcerer exchanged spells, words as well as the occasional glare only a few yards away.

Gulping, I turned back to the conversation.

"-And that's it!" Quirren beamed.

Aisha smiled slightly. "Sounds like you can do a lot of things."

"Jerome. we should-"

"Watch out!" Devin called, a car hurdling towards our small group.

Ian reacted first, scooping up Quirren and scrambling to his feet, me Ryan and Aisha following suit.

The car crashed loudly against the concrete where we all once sat, wheels spinning as the car sat upside down.

Quirren clutched Ian tightly, hiding her face in his chest as he held her there.

The two sorcerers panted in front of us, both seemingly worn out.

The dark sorcerer smirked slightly as he sucked in a breath. "There's someone who is extremely weak that would be a much better target than you. Good luck saving your sorcerer friend."

And with that, he was gone.

Devin turned to us, eyes widened slightly as he rushed out, "He's after Seto. We need to go, like, now."

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