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Chapter 39

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Seto's POV

Devin leaned back in his chair, laughing loudly as he took another long swig of his beer.

He was beyond drunk by now, Quirren had to be set on the other side of the table because of it.

"More drinks!" He slurred.

Jerome smirked, drinking his own beer.

"Hell yeah!"

I shook my head. "I knew this was a mistake."

Ian nudged me with his fist. "C'mon Seto, lighten up a bit. Let the man have his fun."

I sighed in annoyance. "I'm just glad Devin hasn't tried making out with one of the waitresses yet."

"That would be a scene to watch," Jason laughed, earning a glare from me.

"Not with Quirren here. Guys we haven't even started planning the dark sorcerer's defeat!"

"Seto, relax. We'll have time for that after we leave."

"Really Quentin? The dark sorcerer could be-"

Quirren's frantic tugging on my shirt cut me off.

I glanced down at her. "Yes Little Lighty?"

"What's my daddy doing?" She whispered, pointing to a different table.

My eyes widened as they laid on Devin.

Twerking. He was twerking on the table.

Dear god help us.

"When did Devin leave?" I asked slowly, glancing back at our table.

"Same time Jerome did."

I shot around quickly and growled a curse under my breath, finding Jerome.

He was twerking with one of the waitresses.

"That's it. We're done here," I mumbled, picking up Quirren and standing.

"But Miley Cyrus is on," Jason pouted.

I glared at him and placed the needed amount of money on the table. "Let's go. Now."

The others shared annoyed glances as they slowly rose to their feet.

"Jerome! Get Devin and c'mon! We're going!" I called.

Jerome smirked and continued, ignoring me.

I sighed in exasperation and muttered a few words under my breath, Jerome suddenly appearing next to me.

He glared at me, reluctantly joining the others.

Devin, after seeing Jerome leave, got off the table and stumbled over to me.

I quickly shoved everyone out the door and huffed. "Anyone know where we could stay next?"

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