Chapter 31

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Seto's POV

A soft groan escaped me as I stirred, my wrists tugging against two tightly fastened metal handcuffs.

My eyes fluttered open only to immediately snap shut as the harsh light made them ache.

"So you're awake."

Slowly, I forced myself to open my eyes and blink against the light.

"Took you a while. Three hours to be exact." The dark sorcerer stated, sitting back in an old office chair with his feet propped up on a desk.

I glared and tried to move away from whatever metal object was pressed against my back, but failed due to the cuffs.

"Like my new hang out? This place has been abandoned for a while now. Thought I'd use it."

"Why am I here?" I spat.

The dark sorcerer raised an eyebrow and removed his feet from the desk, sitting up in his chair.

"Why are you here? Well, your friends took my freak. It was only fair that I take theirs." He smirked, dimly lit eyes watching me in the mustiness of what I assumed to be a warehouse.

"Your powers have helped me greatly, Seto. I wouldn't have been able to travel here without them."

A wave of exhaustion hit me suddenly and the room seemed to sway.

"Really now?" I slurred.

The dark sorcerer nodded. "Oh yes, and let's not forget little Lighty and her father. Your magic was an excellent tool."

The spinning was starting to make me nauseous. Just enough to where I had to close my eyes to block it out.

A sudden slap sent my eyes wide open though, as the dark sorcerer glared at me.

"No sleeping."

I stayed silent, watching as he stood and started to pace before me.

"Good. Good. So, back to where I was. Your friends most likely think you to be dead right now, thanks to a small gift I left them, so don't think they'll come rushing to your rescue anytime soon."

I growled in annoyance, tugging at the cuffs.

"Also, don't think your friends will defeat me. There's only one way to defeat me, and it's not so simple."

"Care to tell?" I smirked, hoping that in his moment of arrogance he would let it slide.

His eyes flashed brighter as he plopped back into his chair, putting his feet up like he had them before.

"It's more like a riddle really. The blood of a minecraftian made man who should never have been born, flowing with the magic who knows to mourn. Burned and stung through the lost one's skin, shall once more send them-" he froze, glaring down at me.

"Oh, I see your game. Trick the bad guy into giving away how he should be defeated while he gloats. Well guess what smart guy, that's going to cost you."

Just like a lion pounces on his prey, the dark sorcerer had jumped over the desk and landed by me, knife under my chin.

"I think you know what comes next." He sneered.

I swallowed uneasily as I saw a flash of silver.

A foldable chair flew seemingly out of nowhere and knocked the dark sorcerer to the side, rendering him unconscious.

"You okay?" The she demon asked, throwing the old chair to the side and undoing the cuffs.

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