Chapter 9

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Ugh, now how to continue off that?___________________________

Adam's POV

Blood. So much blood.

On my hands, on the floor, everywhere I looked, it was there.

The other grinned as he stabbed his sword through Jerome's furry shoulder, the blood splattering everywhere.

He then turned to Ty, who was pinned against the tree by his bloody hand, and slashed his throat.

Ty's scream of agony rang in my ears as the other turned back to Jerome and removed the sword from Mitch's shoulder, swiftly stabbing it through Jerome's back.

I wanted to cry out. I wanted to scream, to stop this madness, but I was frozen on the sidelines.

My body wouldn't move, no sound came from my mouth, my eyes wouldn't even tear themselves from the gruesome scene before me as the violence continued.

I watched Mitch scramble to his feet, panting heavily as Jerome's body fell limp.

The other cocked his head towards Mitch.

"Whatcha gonna do, Mitch? You gonna kill me? You gonna kill good ol' Adam?"

Mitch shook his head and picked up the sword Jerome had freed. "You killed them. You killed your best friends, and you're laughing about it. What the hell are you that you can do that?"

The other frowned and stopped twirling his sword. "What am I? What am I, Mitch? I'm Adam. I am Adam when he was locked in that cell, terrified out of his mind, because his friends out him there. I am the Adam that stopped screaming for his friends to save him and instead started wondering why. You may not think I'm Adam, but I most certainly am. You, you are the real monster here."

I stared in horror at the scene, some of this seeming slightly familiar.

Mitch choked on a laugh. "Me? What did I do?"

The other slammed his sword into the ground. "You left me there! You condemned me to a living hell! You tortured me, and now I'm just repaying the favor!" He screamed.

Mitch took a step back, and the other followed. He was so furious that he didn't even notice that step by step, Mitch was drawing him away from his sword.

"I didn't do anything to you! You were kidnapped! You were brutally tortured, and you were lied to, and I'm sorry! I'm sorry we couldn't get Adam out, ok? I'm sorry!"

The other hissed and bared his teeth. "Sometimes-

Sorry. Doesn't. Cover. It."

His hands pressed against Mitch's ears, and he screamed brutally as his head twisted and, with a sickening snap, his neck broke.

The other released Mitch, letting his limp body slide down to the ground. His chest heaved from exertion, and he grinned at Mitch's eternally shocked face and blank eyes.

I tried again to whimper, to cry out, but once again nothing happened.

Clap. Clap. Clap.

"Oh, bravo! I have to admit, that was far better than what I could have come up with. But do you know what that means now?"

My eyes finally moved, but not with my command, revealing a smirking Herobrine.

The other sneered and turned to face the dark sorcerer. "What does that mean, master?" he spat.

Herobrine smiled. "It means that you're alone. Alone with me."

The other's eyes widened and he attempted to stumble backward, only to have Herobrine seize his neck. He dragged him closer so that they were face to face.

"I believe you said you wanted revenge against your torturers. Well, here I am, alter. You've killed the others that tortured you. What are you going to do to me?"

"Tear you apart." He rasped.

Herobrine smiled. "Oh, how I hoped you would say that. You need to relearn the rules your master taught, I think. Do you remember what number one is?"

He dropped him, placing a hard kick in his stomach when he landed. "You don't disobey master. I created you. You are my all powerful weapon, alter, and don't you forget it for one second. I own you."

The alter spat a mouthful of blood before smiling. Behind his back, his fingers wrapped around the sword buried in Mitch and pulled it free.

"Master," he said carefully, "I am getting my revenge." The sword swung around and he buried it in his own chest. Blood poured from the wound, and he choked on laughter as he died.

"Aren't you proud of me? I killed every single member of team Crafted!" He screeched, laughing. His eyes then went out, the grip on the sword loosened, and the laughter stopped as his head fell back.

Finally, my body seemed to reconnect to my brain as I stumbled backwards, my eyes locked on the horrid sight.

The dark sorcerer growled a curse and tilted his head towards me.

"I'm coming, Adam."

"Adam wake up!"

I jumped up, my back slamming into the wall as I gasped for air

"What?" I panted.

"You were screaming in your sleep. You okay?" Ian asked.

I pushed myself up and nodded. "Yeah, fine."

My friends gave me worried glances as I trudged away from them.

The other's evil smirk flashed in my mind when I reached my destination.

Is that how I killed them?

Is that how I died?___________________________

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