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Chapter 48

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I stood there as the group surrounding half my car fell eerily silent.

The words echoed in my mind like a soundless chant.

I killed Connor. I killed Connor. I killed Connor.

My own brother was dead because I flipped out and thought the dark sorcerer was there.

I froze, realization dawning on him.

He was never there. The dark sorcerer was no where nearby. Everything is not as it seems he had warned me. He had warned me and everything but I didn't listen.

And now Connor is dead because of me.

"Mitch, buddy, talk to us. What'd you mean you killed him?" Ian asked, hands on my shoulders as he tried to get me to focus.

I blinked, heartbeat quickening and panic starting to rise.

"C'mon Mitch, tell us what happened," Ryan encouraged.

My hand gripped the car door handle so hard I thought it would leave an indention of my fingers as I tried to keep from shaking.

A hand waved in front of my possibly glossy eyes as Ian's face was replaced by Seto's.

"Mitch. We need you to talk."

My teeth ground against each other as I tried to keep my emotions in check.

"Mitch?" Devin's concerned voice murmured through the panicked haze that was clouding my mind.

I didn't notice until I blinked again that tears were brimming my eyes and falling quietly down my cheeks.

"I-I killed him," I breathed shakily "H-He's dead because of m-me."

The others stayed quiet, watching me and waiting for me to continue.

"The dark sorcerer. H-He was there. We were playing basket ball and took a small break and he showed up. I had a knife from dinner in my pocket and my back was turned for two seconds. Wh-When I turned back, he was there... I killed him. I killed Connor."

The silence met us once again and it took all my willpower to not sink to my knees sobbing.

I was a wreck, I will admit. There was not one part of my mind that wasn't shattered due to all the emotional stress I had been forced to go through.

A hand suddenly brought me out of my thoughts and Jerome was in front of me.

"We'll figure this out, Biggums. We'll bring the Dark Sorcerer to justice."

Anger flared faster than I could comprehend and when I did, I had Jerome pinned against my car, arm across his chest in a threatening way.

"It wasn't him, don't you get it? The dark sorcerer wasn't around when I killed Connor. It was just me, and him. No one else. Got that?" I hissed.

"Mitch. Relax. We're all your friends here."

I growled, taking fistfuls of Jerome's t-shirt and pulling him back before slamming him into my car again.

"If you know what's best for you, for the team, you'll keep your distance from me," I muttered lowly.

Jerome stood frozen against my car as I released him and got back into the driver's seat, speeding away without another word.


Well, hey, it's been a while hasn't it?

*nervous laughter*

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