Chapter 19

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Mitch's POV

I carelessly tossed my bags into the floor and flopped onto my bed, sighing exasperatedly.

It felt good to be back in Montreal with my family, especially Connor.

My stress level was way over what it should be, but I payed little attention to it.

Connor and the others were safe, that was my main priority.

"Hey Mitch! Want to go play with me?" Connor's voice called from outside my bedroom.

"In a bit, bud. That plane ride took a lot out of me."

"Okay!" He replied, soft footsteps patting away down the hallway.

I smiled slightly to myself as I curled up in my bed and let the darkness consume me.

Quick images flashed quickly through my mind as I jolted awake.

The other... A sword... A bloody sword... Sword through Other... Connor, dead... Blood on my hands... His blood.

I fought to calm my quickened breaths as I tore off my sweat-soaked T-shirt, quickly sliding on another, fresher one.

"Mitch, mom says dinner will be ready in a few." Connor informed me, knocking quietly on my doorframe.

I nodded slowly and ran a hand through my messy hair. "I'll be down in a second."

Not real, he's alive. It was a dream. Nothing but the stress getting to your head.

My hand shook almost violently as I reached for a glass of water on the nightstand, slowly taking a small swig of it.

Good thing I was thirsty before bed.

Grunting slightly, I pushed myself up from the bed and slowly made my way into the dinning room.

"Sleep well, Mitch?" Mum asked as I entered.

I nodded tiredly and rubbed my eyes.

"Yeah, thanks for asking. Dinner smells nice."

She smiled at me as I joined my family at the table.

"So Mitch, are you up for a round of hoops outside?" Connor asked, grinning widely.

I smirked and ruffled his hair. "Sure, kiddo. On one condition."

He raised an eyebrow at me.

" You go easy on me."

Connor rolled his eyes and picked up his fork. "Like you need it. I should be asking you to go easy on me."

I laughed lightly and scooped up my own utensil.

"Bring it, Connor. I'll consider showing you mercy."

He smirked and turned his attention back to the table, just as the food was brought out by my father.

I grinned as I eyes the food hungrily, sneaking my knife into my pocket and hiding it under my shirt.

Just incase the dark sorcerer shows up while we're messing around...

After dinner, I quickly set my plate next to Connor's and rushed out the door, grabbing my shoes on the way out.

By the time I had them on Connor was out dribbling the ball.

"Ready, kiddo?" I asked, a smug smirk creeping onto my face.

He rolled his eyes and stood in front of me, the ball bouncing between his legs. "Let's do this."

Jerome's POV

I scrambled to shove as much of my personal belongings into my suitcase as possible, rushing frantically around my room.

Phone, yes, charger, yes, pillow, maybe, watch and money, yup, clothes, definitely.

I ran a mental checklist through my mind as I scanned my room, throwing in items I would need.

Ian was stressing out over the fact that the dark sorcerer could find us at any minute and forced us to pack our things.

Finally finished, I hauled my suitcase down the stairs and to the front door, Ian immediately taking it out to the car.

"Ryan we're waiting on you!" He called when he rushed back inside.

"Did Adam go back to Washington or something? I can't find him anywhere!" Ryan yelled back, staggering down the stairs.

"Let's hope so. C'mon, Devin, Quirren, and Ty are getting impatient." Ian rushed, taking Ryan's bag and practically dragging us out the door, which he slammed behind us.

He quickly ushered us to the car and shoved Ryan's bag into the back, jumping into the driver's seat and revving the engine before speeding to the first stop sign.

I had opened my mouth to tell Ian to chill, but snapped it shut as a loud boom rang in my ears, a flash of light following soon after.

We all spun around in our seats and gaped at the smoke.

The house. The dark sorcerer had blown up our house.

"Drive, Ian, drive!" Ty urged as Ian floored the gas, speeding us away from the ruins of what once was our safe haven.

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