When Love Gets Complicated [ A One Direction fanfiction <3 ]

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Like many typical girls, eighteen year-old Rachel Morgan falls head over heels for an out-of-reach guy, named Harry Styles, who, in her presence, tints her cheeks red, strips her of her vocabulary, and has all of the Earth’s butterflies fluttering to her stomach. While her long-time best friend Niall is spilling his juice or crumbs from his Nando’s chicken all over their usual cafeteria table, Rachel is spilling over Harry with her friends, Nat and Ashley. The only downside to Harry’s lush, brown curls, cheeky dimples, and sensual, green eyes is that while he’s wearing his husky blazers, preppy Jack Wills hoodies, or rusty Ramones t-shirts, he’s got Rachel feeling like she’s wearing an invisible cloak. But after joining the volleyball team, she dumps her invisible cloak for a jersey as Harry, who’s also on the volleyball team, begins flirting with her. After the two go on an unplanned, syrupy adventure, they find themselves more close to each other than ever – that is, until a new guy moves into town; Zayn Malik. Starting off as a shy, artistic, and mysterious friend to Rachel, Zayn soon becomes the only wedge that could come between her fairy-tale relationship with Harry. Being Zayn’s best friend, Liam Payne, the school jock, helps to further Rachel and Zayn’s relationship. To complicate things even further, her best friends, Niall and Louis, begin to harbour secrets and spin cobwebs of their own. Then, a new girl with some baggage enrols into Beakman High School and gives Rachel an unpleasant feeling. 
    What do you do when love gets complicated?
spoiler: it's not a car, it's a trash bin with all the objects harry has ever touched in his entire existence
It's Orlando Bloom with Pink Perrie (Perrie with pink hair). Oooh and Niall. And Natalie Portman!
Louis Vuitton, beauty has a price! Hunger games, how do you look!
                                    Seriously, if you love The Hunger Games, you should watch the Hilywood Show 's parody
Every time I read a book my name is in it....am I famous or whet? XD
Tbh this is my 2nd time reading this and I have NO MEMEORIE of reading this  0.o
I haven't read this book in forever and I CAN'T REMEMBER WHICH BOOK IS THE FIRST. I'll find out enough though.