Undertale Sin! by Creepypastalover2259
Undertale Sin! by Kelly and Kira Fanfiction
time to let my sin side show! I don't own anything
Undertale Sin pics -w- by BlueRose161
Undertale Sin pics -w- by Cliffhanger Queen Fanfiction
I have a lemon book... WHY NOT GET THAT GOOD SHIT PHOTOS TOO!!! woooo! (I disclaim all art I use. None of it is mine)
Undertail Book Of Sin by Sebastians_Michaelis
Undertail Book Of Sin by Sebastians_Michaelis Random
fontcest sanscest and papcest! dont like dont look
My Undertale Sins by LaurenKeck7
My Undertale Sins by Sin Mum Random
This was a dare from a fellow writer, you know who you are. I am dumping all my Undertale sins from my gallery. Enjoy I guess...
"Love Me Back" - Sans x Reader [UNDERTALE ONE-SHOTS] by NekoSushi
"Love Me Back" - Sans x Reader [UN... by 2hiit Fanfiction
(Contains Mature Content.) ➹ ➷➹ ➷ In this world, We call readers: "Cloud Walkers." ➹ ➷➹ ➷ © Toby Fox - Undertale Characters & everything he owns. ⏩ On-going, r...
Your soul is mine... (Betty X Young!Male!Shy!Reader) by Lolpad2000
Your soul is mine... (Betty X Youn... by Lolpad2000 Fanfiction
Fear...the most powerful soul in the whole history of humanity.The first of its kind,Betty,became your friend.And even if someone wants Betty to be the last of her kind...
Undertale x reader ~requests open~ by Chaos-Prince
Undertale x reader ~requests open~ by Chaos-Prince Fanfiction
I've decided to just make this an Undertale/Undertale AU x reader just to make this easier(?) for me. will be adding my AUs as well, since I have a few ideas in mind. I'...
UnderTale Oneshots by OuterSpaceChild
UnderTale Oneshots by OuterSpaceChild Fanfiction
This is my oneshots of UnderTale. It invloes AU'S to! Background picture by Casper-Cat on Tumblr, editing by me, and editing program is called covercreator.net. Mostly X...
Yandere!Anyone!Fictional X Reader (*REQUESTS CLOSED!*) (#WATTYS2017) by Fandom_Trash_Chan
Yandere!Anyone!Fictional X Reader... by "ᏆᏒᎪᎥᏁ ᏟhᎥᏞᎠ" Fanfiction
This is about if a certain person...YOU, had someone that you thought you knew. Inside, they're a monster who's heels over heads for you and will NEVER stop to try to hu...
More than friends (Female Chara x reader) by Friskybits13
Truyện tranh Undertale (Vietsub) by -Ruby-Chan-
Truyện tranh Undertale (Vietsub) by Vô Diện Fanfiction
Tiếp tục bên nick @nhi26122004 nhé <3
Undertale AU One-Shots by Awaken2122
Undertale AU One-Shots by ¡REJECTED Author! Fanfiction
Y/n's POV Y/n went through their phone looking for something to read until they clicked on a book. They clicked on it and started to read. "Hey! Hey you!" They...
Sanscest one shots (Closed Temporary Or Permanently) by Echotale_Sans02
Undertale au oneshots!!! by Caramelsundae12
Undertale au oneshots!!! by Caramelsundae12 Fanfiction
this is going to be A CRAZY ADVENTURE WITH MEE!! also if you want a topic of a character just comment below! No lemons!
Shipping RP by Page_Dawn
Shipping RP by Offline Random
AU Undertale One-shots 3 by DJWinterWolf
AU Undertale One-shots 3 by DJWinterWolf Fanfiction
Part three! Sans and Papyrus x readers. X3 NO LEMONS!!!!
Obsession [GasterSans x Frisk] by Ink_Gamer
Obsession [GasterSans x Frisk] by ~Im_Yours~ Fanfiction
On the 18th birthday of the princess, she was once again be able to go outside. But in that special day of her's was the time she's going to meet a whole, new, cruel wor...
A Trio of Misfits by Sabinarius
A Trio of Misfits by Sabinarius Fanfiction
Bitty! US pap x reader x Bitty! US sans Our two little bitties have been through a lot, so what happens when they meet a human that's hurting just as much as they are...
Red String Of Fate { Naj!Fell!GothXreader } by ScarletFlower9
Red String Of Fate { Naj!Fell!Goth... by Rose scarlet Fanfiction
So I really like the fell version of goth and palette I love them now though I hate the way palette treats fell goth so I thought why not make a highschool love story of...
Ask Undertale (Open) by NoellaBerry
Ask Undertale (Open) by ❤︎꒰* ॢꈍ◡ꈍ ॢ꒱.* Random
Ask whatever you like! Remember to be respectful Pictures not mine.