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Undertale-Malereader X Female Chara and Frisk by Possibly-a-Unique_Na
Undertale-Malereader X Female ʕ•̫͡•ʕ•̫͡•ʔ•̫͡•ʔ•̫͡•
Undertale Fanfic-Male Reader X Female Frisk and Chara Genre:Fantasy,Music,Lots of Dialogue and Character Development Alternate Timeline from the first book Fresh Start...
Abused And Shattered Determination by Kiari_DeadWeeb
Abused And Shattered Determinationby Dr.Kiari DW
(Abused male frisk reader X RWBY) Basically it's like abused male Kris male reader but you are frisk this time and you were found by the Rose-Xiao Long family
Restart: A Sans x suicidal reader by Lefluffster
Restart: A Sans x suicidal readerby Fluff
You're depressed. Not only depressed, suicidal. Your whole life has been meaningless, and gone off the wrong road. Taking the leap, you try to end your life, only starti...
Reset by star-nomad
Resetby star-nomad
We all know how Frisk eventually kills Sans in the end. But what would happen if Frisk gave up?
Undertale React by Crystalize0193
Undertale Reactby Crystalize
Undertale is going to react. This will not be entirely canon and will include aspects of what I believe (backstories, ect.) I do not own the cover and I do not own any o...
Can I take you to Dinner? Mafi-fell!Sans x Reader.  [COMPLETED] by MissHoll-E-Socks
Can I take you to Dinner? MissHoll-E-Socks
"How rude, not even gonna ask for a name??" He teased. "Why are you here?" You glowered, raising the whisk. The skeleton scoffed: "Well, glad yo...
LOVE you.. No Matter What by StoryTemm
LOVE you.. No Matter Whatby Temtem
This is a Charisk book ( chara X frisk) Chara was the first fallen human, they died due to them wanting to free the monsters with the help of asriel, The plan failed an...
Storyshift (Charisk) by Wasted_Arsonist
Storyshift (Charisk)by Gunnar Årud
Just what you'd expect. Pardon my lack of knowledge about this AU. I just like the concept. Both Frisk and Chara are girls. Characters may use absolutely differen...
De-Termination: Chara X male reader (Completed) by Xuatiel
De-Termination: Chara X male Xuatiel
Sometimes timelines can have storage 'anomalies', albeit a very low chance, but it is possible! The anomalies can do many things, such as allowing certain things to be c...
Never Go Back (Au sanses/Papyrus' x reader) by BrightLadyStarlight
Never Go Back (Au sanses/Papyrus' BrightLadyStarlight
You are a doctor in the emergency department living in the city of Mount Ebott. You live with two magical skeleton who defy any type of logic and have a sleeping schedul...
The Multiverse Traveler(UndertaleAU X Male!Reader) by User_Bronze
The Multiverse Traveler( Just some guy in you comment
Y/N has got in to car acident but he have a second change to live by choosing to reborn in his favorite game undertale along with new power to travel to Other AU and AT...
Female Frisk and Chara x Malereader by Possibly-a-Unique_Na
Female Frisk and Chara x Malereaderby ʕ•̫͡•ʕ•̫͡•ʔ•̫͡•ʔ•̫͡•
I can't believe I'm doing this Cant get this out of mind no matter how many days passed Welp hope you will be entertain...somewhat. Your main goal is to read up to Chap...
Female Chara x Male Reader by yaboitekken
Female Chara x Male Readerby yaboitekken
Decided to just make a Chara story, so it's gonna be pretty dumb. This story is when you left the underground with everyone, INCLUDING CHARA, you don't have feelings fo...
What makes a Monster by ADateWithTheDevil
What makes a Monsterby ADateWithTheDevil
Sans has secrets and he's pretty good at keeping them. But how long can his secrets stay hidden, now that his friends have questions they don't want to give up? *** Upd...
Unique Love (Sans x reader) by ArtCookie-_-
Unique Love (Sans x reader)by Art_Cookie~
Monsters were known as a myth to humans. It was told in an old myth book; one with a rare soul, could save all. One foolish human falls down, destined to save a populati...
a Pacifist In Gensokyo by jdjdgdjsjsy
a Pacifist In Gensokyoby jdjdgdjsjsy
(story is mine) [Y/N] is just doing his pacifist route and suddenly when he press reset he was transported to a forest instead of the underground see what happen in this...
Sinners- Underfell! Human!Sans x reader [COMPLETED] by deadsoulsm
Sinners- Underfell! Human!Sans x deadsoulsm
Your foster brother, Frisk ran away to the underground, leaving you alone until they came back with some new friends. Another race of human called "monsters" w...
Bromance Romance ~ sansby fanfiction. by _aiden_22
Bromance Romance ~ sansby little sheep
One last reset, Frisk promised. One that will fix everything. But they made Sans promise something in return for getting everyone on the surface. ~ This is a story that...
an unexpected love~ (classic sans x AU sanses) *discount* by Jola-chan
an unexpected love~ (classic wHaT's mY nAmE aGaIn????
I got inspired by many fan fics about this ship so I had to make one too :) there will be some drawings that I didn't make! these amazing pictures all belong to the art...
Undertale Comics 1 by crazytitan25
Undertale Comics 1by crazytitan25
Just a bunch of comics about Undertale.I do not own this comics.