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Can't You Listen? by Dragoncause
Can't You Listen?by Dragon
"Is it really that difficult to understand that I want to stop? But I CAN'T ! It's not a WONT ! I just want you to understand that." "What kind of lie i...
God of Lost Stories by CatOppp
God of Lost Storiesby Cat
Alloy, the God of Balance, has been sent to a new Multiverse to try and heal the damaged caused by the Deity of the Fate. The Monsters he meets share the faces of his fr...
King's Heir (A Dadmare fic) by WeirdLookingCat
King's Heir (A Dadmare fic)by WeirdLookingCat
Nightmare is a god. Not only is he a god but a king as well. A fair and just king at that. Despite being the most feared being in the multiverse he is surprisingly the o...
To be loved | Bad Sanses Poly by YayasfromIkea
To be loved | Bad Sanses Polyby Nanya Buisness
Warning: - gay - polyamory - swearing - a lot of angst Although they're 'bad', they still deserve love. And with this fun group, with a lot of trauma and issues to unpa...
Our Dear Wolfy (Sanses AU X Werewolf!Female!Reader) by AqilahDaWinterWolf
Our Dear Wolfy (Sanses AU X Creator of Sans Creations
I'm sorry for boys who really want to read this... But hey! You can imagine yourself in this story as a boy. ༶•┈┈⛧┈♛✧༺♥༻✧♛┈⛧┈┈•༶ You are a werewolf and end up in a weird...
bad sanses mermen x F!reader by GarraLee8
bad sanses mermen x F!readerby Garra Lee
well you live near the beach. You are a Marine scientist. You go in the deep sea whit your equipment and explore and save the fishes who got hurt. You have a big apuariu...
𝐒𝐎𝐔𝐋𝐦𝐚𝐭𝐞𝐬 ;; Bad Sanses x Male Reader x Star Sanses by RipeWolvesBane
𝐒𝐎𝐔𝐋𝐦𝐚𝐭𝐞𝐬 ;; Bad Sanses Bane
The multiverse. Yes. One full of millions and millions of copies of me. Heya, the names Y/n. Y/n the skeleton. Although I'm not the original, I am just a weirder copy of...
I Want To Forget (Killer Sans x Reader) by OreoDaSkeleton
I Want To Forget (Killer Sans x OreoDaSkeleton
Want to talk about falling into the wrong place at the wrong time? Y/N definitely scored big time on that one. One moment she's falling, the next she finds herself trapp...
An Angel Sent From Above ( (Y/N) x Bad Sanses) by Lilyflows4764
An Angel Sent From Above ( (Y/N) HAJH
This is a story about (Y/N) that is a sweetheart angel that was sent from heaven to help those that are in need. She is quite caring, loving and gentle so it's no wonder...
Au Group Chat     Bad sans/Star sans/Others by DahRadSkeleDude
Au Group Chat Bad sans/Star JJ_loves_Ruru
Kinda like discord but with the Undertale Aus this will be very stupid
Sans Aus x Reader Oneshots by Cute_musical_ge
Sans Aus x Reader Oneshotsby ACCOUNT: NOT IN USE
If you can't tell what this is from the title idk what to tell you... I will do requests and they can be as detailed or as vague as you want. I will do OCs if you want. ...
With Sacrifice, Comes Pain - An FGOD Fanfic by Gaming_Foxxy
With Sacrifice, Comes Pain - An ~Lazy Whisper~
(Image was found at!sans&page=3) We all know the story of Error falling into the void and appearing in the NAJ-Ve...
What Happened to You? {Bad Sanses x Abused!Child!Reader} by YourNekoNekoKneecaps
What Happened to You? {Bad YourNekoNekoKneecaps
You didn't live the best life. Scratch that, you had a MISERABLE life. Most of the time you either was hungry or in pain, but you couldn't understand. You were only 5 af...
AU sans x Ghoul! Reader {I'm more than a human} by Ms_Otaku_Girl
AU sans x Ghoul! Reader {I'm !!POTATO GIRL!!
♡>>>Lovely cover by: @Hisayashi<<<♡ ghouls has been spotted among the city, all citizen has they're guard up. The Government are trying to find a way t...
Isn't It Lovely? (Madoka Magica x Undertale Sans AU's) (Nightmare x Reader) by Bi_Pride_13
Isn't It Lovely? (Madoka Magica Artsy Person
Y/N is a magical girl in Mitakihara City who fights witches for her own benefit. She has a good family, amazing friends, and decent grades. But her new role in life made...
Souls of the Past // Aftermare & Errormare by HeavenOfNirvana
Souls of the Past // Aftermare & Tarynn Ball
Nightmare, the King of Negativity, and his henchmen are always doing something while they were fighting against the Star Sanses. Little did they know, Nightmare had a ro...
Au Sanses x Mother Reader Oneshots (Requests Closed) by KittyCougar
Au Sanses x Mother Reader 【ON HIATUS】
You, the reader, are the mother to a Sans! Funny idea how this came to be lol- But enjoy! All of these chapters are mostly requests from the other readers :) Requests ar...
The Triple Threats  by Killena_and_Kit
The Triple Threats by Killena
The star sanses are singers in a band they called "The Triple Threats" in there free time when there not fighting the bad sanses. But Error and the rest of the...
Night ∞ SerieS   [FGOD!Error Sans] by An_ErRoR_hAs_OccUrEd
Night ∞ SerieS [FGOD!Error Sans]by [uΠKn0wN]
This story is about the multiverses reset that no one remembers until now.. Fate has made error remember every reset until he finds the true ending but is there really a...
Mind Control by Gomarnic
Mind Controlby Gomarnic Yumika
The Bad Sanses had had enough of doing what is good and stopped destroying the multiverse so that they can finally be able to be themselves. But when they meet Classic d...