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The Todoroki Family  by TemTemStories
The Todoroki Family by Local Overthinker
The father, the devil at home but a saint to the public. The mother, lost it one day. The oldest, dead. The only daughter, struggling to keep the hope of fixing their br...
ᴛʜᴇ ᴍɪᴅᴏʀʏᴀ'ꜱ |Abused Deku AU|  by Yeet_I_am_A_beet
ᴛʜᴇ ᴍɪᴅᴏʀʏᴀ'ꜱ |Abused Deku AU| by Bad words=Sad words
Title: The Midorya's The Midorya family is a happy family, everyone in their little family is perfect. They never fight, cruse, or yell. Each of the Midorya's love each...
Izuku's Three Sword Style (One Piece x MHA) by V15EPH
Izuku's Three Sword Style (One Viseph
Izuku Midoriya, as a 4-year-old kid, was saved from his bullies by a new girl in town, Kuina Shimotsuki. The two immediately hit it off and became friends, leading to Ku...
Error by ctzuki_
Errorby ━ ずき.˚
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Villain Rehab at UA by DaydreamInProgress
Villain Rehab at UAby { 𝒜𝓃𝓃𝒶 }
Dabi, Toga and Deku somehow get captured after years of avoiding capture. Because of their young age, they are entered into a rehab at the prestigious school of UA. How...
The Nine-tailed Kitsune by ripaphantom16
The Nine-tailed Kitsuneby Necromancerauthor-chan
Those who were born ordinary are sometimes extraordinary. However, the extraordinary oppress the ordinary. The ordinary becomes an outsider because of who they are... w...
Uh... Hello? (UA staff Chat) by duhhwhat
Uh... Hello? (UA staff Chat)by Mysterious Avocado
Midoriya Izuku, our sassy broccoli, gets added to the UA staff Chat by accident. The sly teen soon finds himself becoming the centre of everyone's attention. What happen...
Demon Slayer x Parent!Female!Reader by IrisKnights17
Demon Slayer x Parent!Female!Readerby Iris Irhan Knights
⚠️HAS MANGA SPOILERS AFTER CERTAIN CHAPTERS READ AT YOUR OWN RISK⚠️ Book cover by: P1xel_Hcney You are Tanjiro's adoptive mother (Y/n) :D. What happens when Muzan attack...
 Brothers from different worlds by Marina_animallover
Brothers from different worldsby Marina_animallover
This is my au where my oc, tcf cale, tboah cale, KRS and (sealed god test) SGT!KRS are siblings by souls. The worlds that would react: Tcf world Tboah world Earth 1 SGT...
The Demon Silblings||Demon Tanjiro + Nezuko Au by Nyl3nn
The Demon Silblings||Demon Nylen
Au where both Tanjiro and Nezuko are turned into demons in the attack. Giyu discovers the siblings and decides to protect them and teach them the ways of demon slayers. ...
Dark Side || BNHA x Death Note || Villain Reader by MyShipsDontSail
Dark Side || BNHA x Death Note || Qween Momoyao
Y/n L/n, more commonly known as Shinigami, the notorious wark web assassin and con-for-hire with a terrifying quirk, was asked on a martyr operation to spy at UA high as...
『 Gmail logo 』 by Upper4Lover
『 Gmail logo 』by Kepala bapak kau
Inspired by: @the_crazyknybitch1 Lmaoo This'll be MY AU btw😒..If you don't like it🤨LEAVE BEFORE ANYTHING HAPPENS🤺🤺🤺🤺🤺🤺🤺 I'll be putting the info abt MY AU I...
The Uchiha's Last Son by Thiccie67
The Uchiha's Last Sonby Thiccie
Izuku Yagi lives in a shinobi world so what the hell is a quirk anyway? Chakra never died out and the shinobi world never fell in Boruto's time instead it thrived for hu...
Fifty Spies by Jewelsmaddie
Fifty Spiesby Jewelsmaddie
America, oh, America. Showing up late at a meeting again and forgetting his project. Before UN could scold America, someone bursts through the door. "Hey pa..."...
The Gaming Hero: Deku by MiYoungLYNN
The Gaming Hero: Dekuby MiYoungLYNN
Midoriya Izuku has always had a love for video games, specifically RPG games. When he was 4 he was diagnosed quirkless and he gained the nickname Deku, meaning useless...
True chaos by SparkySparkpaw
True chaosby Sparkz Lightning
Izuku yagi, a you boy neglected by his parents and abused by his sister, friends, and classmates. Why was this happening to his? simple, he was quirkless. One day while...
Towards Change (UA Staff Chat) by duhhwhat
Towards Change (UA Staff Chat)by Mysterious Avocado
"All Might.... Can I- Can I become a hero without a quirk?...." The brawny figure looked at the fear-filled yet extremely determined green eyes and sighed.
CONTROL - An UnOrdinary Fanfic By Username0kat by Username0kat
CONTROL - An UnOrdinary Fanfic Username0kat
What if Johns' suspension gave the Authorities a chance to take him into their hands? (UnOrdinary is not owned by me, I only own the plot of this story and some minor ch...
Villain Deku Rehab by Psychomachy1_
Villain Deku Rehabby Mach 💀
⚠️TW⚠️ Suicide, Self-Harm, Killing and Weapons "Name?" "Izuku Midoriya." "Status?" "Villain." "Izuku Midoriya, you are unde...
Unpredictable | Wilbur Soot Angst by themoonshroom
Unpredictable | Wilbur Soot Angstby moon_shroom
Wilbur's entire life changed when his parents got into a car crash and he got adopted. After almost a year and a half of constant abuse, he can't trust anyone anymore, t...