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Soulmate by awakefics
Soulmateby cay. be your light☀️
There are people in the world who are born to be together, soulmates. Upon reaching the age of twelve, a single, unique tattoo appears on the body of a person which has...
The Billionaire's Housekeeper (Betsy Jones Book 1) - Unedited by me2you804
The Billionaire's Housekeeper ( Kat
Nicholas Davenport needs a housekeeper. With a multi-billion empire to run and two overactive children, widower Nick needs all the help he can get. What he doesn't want...
After I Died, the Scum Gong's Grief was Too Much for Him to Live by EdgarLanal
After I Died, the Scum Gong's Edgar Lanal
Xu Zhun was terminally ill, and his doctor said that he only had 3 months left to live. He wanted to spend his little time left to love He Chengyang but He Chengyang use...
Seeking Solace by _TheDragoness_
Seeking Solaceby Teya
Wei Wuxian dies during the siege and the cultivators have a rude awakening. 《Updates are irregular, I will update chapters when I can, please bear with me.》 {Cover is c...
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My Soccer Boy by TheyCallMeRy
My Soccer Boyby Rylee
Summer and Bryce seem to have nothing in common, and the fact that they have to work together in class for a full year just repulses them. An attempt to try to bond outs...
Loving My Thug | BandhuntaIzzy & Zonnique❤️ by ItsyourgirlTy
Loving My Thug | BandhuntaIzzy & ItsyourgirlTy
After Kiyah Marie Leeones parents die ... a normal life of a 17 year old starts to change.
Awaiting The Dawn by LuneWolf13
Awaiting The Dawnby Lune Wolf
Priestess Hisa spent nearly three months wandering the Kingdom of Kouka by herself, mourning the loss of her travel companion. On the day she decides to let go of the on...
Music In The Wind by MelancholicBastard
Music In The Windby Noah Tupaz
Music is a form of art. It conveys an artist's emotion through meaningful words. Words that either wrap someone in a warm blanket, or pierce through the chest with an ic...
Zhang Qi Ling was the God of Death who was tasks to collect souls and guide them to the afterlife. He was able to kill a mortal with a simple touch. However, for some un...
God-given three wishes(unofficial)(incomplete but finished as I dropped it) by noodlesmustnotbecold
God-given three wishes(unofficial) Smiling Blue Cloud
Having died sacrificing his life for his brother. God is pleased with Leonidas and how he has lived his life. So he decided to grant him three wishes. Alongside that, e...
Sword Brother by Enenyy
Sword Brotherby Darkie
He couldn't do anything. Forced to do Kira'na's bidding as the ruler turned into a tyrant, letting the power consume her into believing that everything she does was for...
Used 'N' Rejected | ✔️ by Saturn_A_Wolf
Used 'N' Rejected | ✔️by GRACIE JANE
She was an Omega They were Alphas She turn rouged They became Kings She wanted love They wanted power She was fighter They were Murders Her first mate rejected he...
Loss - A Hu Tao Centered Fic by JoshlyPoshly
Loss - A Hu Tao Centered Ficby JoshlyPoshly
After Hu Tao had just lost the most important person in her life, she becomes a shell of who she used to be. What will she do after the person she cared so much for has...
Reaching You by milliethebanana
Reaching Youby Millie
Many say the mate bond fills the voids in their lives. They say the moment you meet your mate everything falls into place. But sometimes, it's not that perfect. Meet Ryd...
Fault by Bitterworld_1230
Faultby Nev
She loved her death, But He loved her till his death! -- "The minute you will take your leave I will flush the damn ring down the sewer" She reply her voice gr...
Love Shot by JazJP20
Love Shotby Jazlyn Prins
Astraea Valeska Romanov comes from the most dangerous Italian mafia, the Hunter's Mafia, in the world. The don of this mafia is Diego Romanov, a ruthless and dangerous m...
No One Saved Me  ||KookV|| by taekookmakeshoesmad
No One Saved Me ||KookV||by 𐤀
It had been more than a decade since Kim Taehyung, an alpha who became an omega for the man he loved, had been suffering in the quagmire of the world and his partner's i...
The Burden of Secrets by Spagbol99
The Burden of Secretsby Spagbol99
"Each secret you carry has a weight all its own. They add up, secrets, to a burden you must carry all your days" Ed Greenwood Look around you. See your frie...
The Heart Of London by HeidiCarroll
The Heart Of Londonby HeidiCarroll
What if the price of a miracle is too high pay? On the evening of her sweet sixteenth birthday party, a daydream of a dance with her first crush turns into a nightmare...
HAR ABADA (Under Edition) by Seemahwrites
HAR ABADA (Under Edition)by LILAC💙🌼
Rafka uban tagumi yayi cike da takaici yace. "I hate you Feenah" Saida tayi wani murmushin jin daɗi kafin tace "I hate you too Mr arrogant" ...