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Blue Can Fade To Black (rottmnt) by TheFenicFox
Blue Can Fade To Black (rottmnt)by fenic fox
Leonardo had always had insecurities and felt worthless next to his brothers. A series of events send him spiraling into depression and self loathing. As tensions and mi...
Double Trouble (A TMNT crossover) by tinyrosess_
Double Trouble (A TMNT crossover)by tinyrosess_
New Krang tech never fails to be interesting, although quite dangerous. Thanks to the newest device curtesy of the Krang, the 2012 ninja brothers were now falling to the...
an  O N L I N E  thing || Donatello x Reader by qmintea
an O N L I N E thing || (ㅅ´ ˘ `)♡
The shit you end up telling strangers online is unbelievable. INCOMING MESSAGE FROM Bootyyyshaker9000... . . . "My brother just deemed Trixie as best pony. Disgusti...
♡*。accidentally in love .。.:*♡( Donnie X Reader ) by azulayourlocalsimp
♡*。accidentally in love .。.:*♡( azulayourlocalsimp
Rottmnt X reader ♡・*:..。♡*゚¨゚゚・♡・*:..。♡*゚¨゚゚・♡・*:..。♡*゚ Calling you smart is an overstatement you played around alot,you do stupid shit no one dared to and sometime even...
This is gonna hurt. (Rottmnt X Reader Draxum's kid au) by LocalQueerBaddieee
This is gonna hurt. (Rottmnt X Kaiden L.
So basically. You were kicked out of your house at the ripe age of seven. You are human, for now. Draxum took you in after you stumbled into the mystic city on accident...
"Meeting you in this Universe" ROTTMNT x Reader by iiMoe_e
"Meeting you in this Universe" iiMoe_e
y/n is minding her own business reading comics and stories and watching Rottmnt but one night a very unusual thing happened. and when she open her eyes she saw 4 Mutant...
ROTTMNT The Movie | X reader by Stupidity-Doodles
ROTTMNT The Movie | X readerby TopMuffin-Fluffy
Spoilers ahead... Watch the movie first before reading... Leonardo x reader | Completed ✔️ Raphael x reader | Completed ✔️ Donatello x reader | Completed ✔️ Michelangelo...
A Turtle's Heart by The_Owl_House_Geek
A Turtle's Heartby Fynn ochoa
New York City isn't the safest place with a rather high crime rate. But it's the state of opportunity. When a 15 year old named Y/N moves to New York with their family...
New roomies (Leo x Reader) by Hellova_paw
New roomies (Leo x Reader)by Hellova_shot
Gone overseas to study with no plan, what could go wrong? Stuck between the normal human life and mutants that will cause more than one problem, followed by another wie...
[ The Portal ] - [ ROTTMNT x 2012!TMNT Crossover ] by reeseisinpiecess
[ The Portal ] - [ ROTTMNT x Jay
[ One day in Donatello's lab, a triangular portal opens up from an unknown object- and a few familiar faces fall from it ] Bolded name are 2012 turtles, nonbolded are ro...
Mystic Resonance by Ai_Phantom
Mystic Resonanceby Ai_Phantom
Merrill Damian Ramirez is a sixteen-year-old teen who is spending his suspension smoking with his "friend". Nothing too special until a yellow "dog"...
The Fun Nerd || rottmnt Donnie x Reader by ImTooBoredRightNow
The Fun Nerd || rottmnt Donnie x Mr. Clark is Jerry?
'Love. Donnie couldn't help but ponder what that word really meant in this circumstance. You were not exclusively his, nor vice versa, so what did 'I love you' truly mea...
ROTTMNT x TMNT Crossover by NotSoSugar
ROTTMNT x TMNT Crossoverby Mune\Alviva
TMNT characters Leo, Mikey, Donnie, Ralph, and April all end up in a whole other reality. How will they all react?? In this strange adventure, the turtles will not only...
°•Same Taste In Music•° by ProblemGod
°•Same Taste In Music•°by Problem God
a Donatello x reader ROTTMNT fanfic. Y/N is wondering through the streets of New York late at night, when they see something big, green, and spooky. following their curi...
Universe's collide by Ponygirl12345678932
Universe's collideby Ponygirl12345678932
A loud crash rang out through the junk yard catching the two brothers attention they went to where they heard the sound and saw a pile of what looked to be 4 mutant turt...
His Voice | Rise! Donnie x Female Reader by WritingRosette
His Voice | Rise! Donnie x Takeshi Reika
Cross published on AO3. Who the hell has a gigabyte of their own voice recording? A narcissist turtle that is. But that file was taken by a friend and given to another...
The annoyed one |ROTTMNT| by TheWinterWolf35
The annoyed one |ROTTMNT|by PaloofAloof
Piper was never one to get in others escapades, but when she runs into a certain group of turtles, they seem to want to change that. "Hey Pipe!" "Don't ca...
AFTERMATH by TheGaySpider
The aftermath of the ROTTMNT movie. This fic is heavily inspired by the comic 'AFTERMATH' by happyfoxx_art on Instagram. I asked permission to use their story and they s...
Mr and Mrs Hamato by CT-2103
Mr and Mrs Hamatoby A-dan-na
After the Krang invasion of NYC, Hamato Donatello learns of his future self and the life he has made, from Casey Jr. Donatello is even more intrigued that the future him...
Rottmnt meets tmnt 2k12 by The_Myth_Ruler
Rottmnt meets tmnt 2k12by The_Myth_Ruler
it's been three months since the Krang invasion. everyone is healed and well. but one day when the brothers are goofing around, Mikey's newly discovered mystic powers go...