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The Circle. - Bfdi. [COMPLETED][ meatballs
In a dark, unidentified room, contestants of Bfdi are woken, not rembering anything after bfdi, they are confused on why they are here, but they know eachover. It's like...
Survive | A BFB Fanfic [Complete] by ClownTownUSA
Survive | A BFB Fanfic [Complete]by Hello :•)
⚠️¡WARNING: Violent and Bloody Objects!⚠️ (Also this story is objects not humans) 4 and X leave the show, leaving one last task. Survive. He brings back the eliminated c...
*+. Crossing Worlds (BFB x II Fanfic).+* by RainbowKittiCet
*+. Crossing Worlds (BFB x II Kitti cet
(Trying to make a better cover and title) After many challenges and scarring experiences, Mephone thinks that his contestants need to meet others who have had experience...
BFB - Among Us by ObjectWasTaken
BFB - Among Usby ObjectWasTaken
everybody knows this so... why not make it on wattpad?
Texting (A Fireafy Fanfic) [COMPLETED] by -sweetleafs-
Texting (A Fireafy Fanfic) [ 😳🍿👑
Firey and I text each other like everyday. And I decided to show you all what we text! Some ups and Downs. Some happiness. So funny. So sad. Some conflicts. Anything c...
why was 6 afraid of 7? [a BFB/TPOT fanfiction] by nightcrawlies
why was 6 afraid of 7? [a BFB/ 🍄wek
Four is worried about X. X is worried about manifesting an old secret. [ cover art by me ] [ warning: character death ] [elements of 4/2 and light 4x will be prominent i...
OBJECT ART!!!!!!!!!! :•))))) by ClownTownUSA
OBJECT ART!!!!!!!!!! :•)))))by Hello :•)
Supernova (A BFB FANFIC) by IceMintFreeze
Supernova (A BFB FANFIC)by IceMintFreeze
A celebration in dedication for the Battle for BFDI being on air for a year is exactly what the objects needed. The EXIT-ORS, The Hosts, and The Teams gather around for...
BFB oneshots and head cannons by pockyisgay
BFB oneshots and head cannonsby 🦎
Working on a new cover Read the title dumb dumb(jk jk)
Goiky Labs - Project: DreaMaker (BFDI sci-fi au) by elderthing107
Goiky Labs - Project: DreaMaker ( elderthing107
In a twisted alternate universe, the BFDI contestants are no longer colorful individuals living freely in an island, simply participating in a weird game show full of za...
tree learns how it feels to chew 5 gum (BFB CRACK BOOK 2) by https-honei
tree learns how it feels to chew tree fucker
-Thumbnail made by @angrypretzelsticks- henlo welcome to my personal bfb hell . . . . . . also tree is daddy
One Shots! by Kitstenk
One Shots!by Litstenk Applesauce
Arbitrary one shot book! Watch out for not-so-good writing in the beginning chapters! My imagination is a wild one, and so not every idea gets fully developed. This is w...
Firey's Reign by bemorediya
Firey's Reignby bemorediya
When Four and X mysteriously disappear, it is up to Firey to lead his fellow contestants to find Dream Island. When finally finding Dream Island, Firey becomes the king...
꧁Our Exit꧂ - a BFB fanfic by NoobDefender
꧁Our Exit꧂ - a BFB fanficby 💖ฅ≧∇≦ฅ💖
On BFB 3, Leafy got eliminated and sucked into Four as punishment. There, she found a small classroom called the E.X.I.T(Eternal .Xalgebra .Iclass .TwithFour) in the mi...
another Four x Reader oneshots book 2020 edition by TahliaTheFandomGal
another Four x Reader oneshots Nokia Arabic Ringtone
oop im doing this again ill mostly do other people's requests but ill do my own too CREDIT TO JACKNJELLIFY POG also i updated the cover art now its four bee eff bee agai...
RUN (A BFB Fan-fiction) by LoesALoser
RUN (A BFB Fan-fiction)by LoesALoser
The end to BFB is near, with only three contestants left (which coincidently end up being the original final three in BFDI) the final challenge is about to take place. ...
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(COMPLETED) It's A Love Story (A Fireafy Fanfiction) by TheObjectShowFan
(COMPLETED) It's A Love Story (A Undertale Fangirl!
The BFDI cast is in human form and in high school! And there's auditions for the school's play, "Romeo and Juliet"! Firey and Leafy are best friends but unknow...
B. F. D. High by Silverlyte
B. F. D. Highby Silverlyte
A oneshot collection of BFDI(A)/BFB short fanfics, with the characters reimagined as human high school students. (Mostly Humor/Romance) Join a lively, interesting group...
Murder Mystery- Bfb/Tpot fanfic [COMPLETED] by tinsope
Murder Mystery- Bfb/Tpot fanfic [ meatballs
18 students from a school are set up to play a sick murder mystery game. One of them are a murderer, the other 17 have to try and find out who it is before its too late...