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Factors Of Love ~ A 4x Story by GalacticBiscuits
Factors Of Love ~ A 4x Storyby GalacticBiscuits
4 and X, two best friends who live together amongst the other numbers. The two of them have been developing feelings for each other in secret, yet there is an evil out t...
Death Is Just A Game... by ObjectWasTaken
Death Is Just A ObjectWasTaken
Four has announced a new, and deadly challenge. Will anyone even survive? (NSFW - Swearing, Blood, and Gore and of course, Violence.) (All art is by me, and assets belon...
Conflicted By You (Fireafy Fanfiction) by imgrassy
Conflicted By You (Fireafy grass
It was such a wonderful day, Leafy had been just had the greatest time of her life. Then she got home, and saw her husband, who had been gone for the past 6 years. Then...
(COMPLETED) It's A Love Story (A Fireafy Fanfiction) by TheObjectShowFan
(COMPLETED) It's A Love Story (A Undertale Fangirl!
The BFDI cast is in human form and in high school! And there's auditions for the school's play, "Romeo and Juliet"! Firey and Leafy are best friends but unknow...
Bfb Fireafy Fanifc by BfbShipper_XxX
Bfb Fireafy Fanifcby MiaTheShipper
Firey and leafy have a deep hatred for each other, but does Firey have a different mindset? In this story you will see if they become friends again or even fall in love.
B.F.D. High by Silverlyte
B.F.D. Highby Silverlyte [Inactive]
A oneshot collection of BFDI(A)/BFB/TPOT fanfics with a timeline, where the characters are reimagined as human high school students. (Mostly Humor/Romance) What do you g...
Object Show Lemons (Requests allowed) by Object_Project
Object Show Lemons (Requests Lil Saw
Hello darlings~! if your here just to read the cringe then Congratulations. Your brave! Oh how I love you all, there may be some kinks in here but none of the weird and...
Ask or Dare for a BFDI by InrealDude-
Ask or Dare for a BFDIby InrealDude-
The Ask or Dare to end all Ask or Dares After one year of no updates since BFB 12, Four announces that they're restarting the series, the contestants shall battle again...
"Here For You"  (A Four and X Fanfiction) by IcyPup
"Here For You" (A Four and X icypup!!
The art is not mine, because I suck at drawing. This is sort of a sequel to "Do You Even Know?" The shy co-host X has been crushing on Four, ever since they f...
•Maid Application• || Fireafy Story ||  by BumbleBoba
•Maid Application• || Fireafy Bumblebee_Boba
Leafy Evergreen lives alone with her younger sister, Autumn Evergreen. Leafy is looking for a job as she doesn't have enough money to pay for her house, or have food in...
BFDI/BFB/TPOT Oneshots! ❤ - Book One by TheDemiEnbyPop
BFDI/BFB/TPOT Oneshots! ❤ - Book Call me Demi!
Hi friends! This is my book of BFB oneshots! You can request Character x Reader, but most oneshots will be Character x Character. Feel free to request anything, within m...
RUN (A BFB Fan-fiction) by LoesALoser
RUN (A BFB Fan-fiction)by LoesALoser
The end to BFB is near, with only three contestants left (which coincidently end up being the original final three in BFDI) the final challenge is about to take place. ...
Recurring Dreams (I.I Fanfic) by freakiiielf0
Recurring Dreams (I.I Fanfic)by /..Karameru.Latté..\
(WARNING; Some pieces of this fan fiction include the following: Self Harm, Suicide and Gore. I will put warnings before the chapters with these topics involved.) Dreams...
BFDI Danganronpa: The Despair Reign by DanganSG
BFDI Danganronpa: The Despair Reignby I meme
15 talented humanised objects have been called over to the prestigious Inanimate High, only to find out that it was a game--they must kill someone else and get away with...
OBJECT ART!!! :•) by ClownTownUSA
OBJECT ART!!! :•)by Mabel Kisser :•)
This is an art book!!!! I draw a lot of objects!!! (Mostly BFB 😻) but also other shows ❤️ And lots of rare pairs ❤️ :•)
Fear Garden (A IDFB FANFIC) by IceMintFreeze
Fear Garden (A IDFB FANFIC)by IceMintFreeze
Reoccurring nightmares. A murderous plan that just won't go away. You think owning a garden is hard? Honey please, this is only the beginning. - A few years after moving...
4x smutshots | Complete! by IntrovertedNumbers
4x smutshots | Complete!by Dead!
Thanks for reading our book! im going to fucking die The title is a bit of a lie,,,it's mostly X4 lmao.
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Crossing Over - A BFB/II2 fanfic [COMPLETED] by Jabewostar
Crossing Over - A BFB/II2 fanfic [ Jabe :) | BLM
There are dozens of object shows out there, each one in its own little universe, almost never touching each other. But what would happen if objects from one universe tra...
The Black Infectious Thingy  by GenderntDemon
The Black Infectious Thingy by GenderentDemon
//CW: Abuse, Mentions of Blood, Mentions of drugs, Gay people, Injuries, gore, Swearing, guns, etc...// A story mostly about a bunch of characters of II getting infected...
bfb texting by ShadowLovesCasey
bfb textingby ꧁ Shadow ꧂
i just fricked a wall and it feeled good (swear warning)