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Billionaire's Bodyguard by ImAWandererxo
Billionaire's Bodyguardby [ 𝐋 . 𝐌 . 𝐁 ]
#3 ▪ Guns & Roses series ❝You dress to impress.❞ He chuckled as a devilish smirk covered his face. ❝No Angel. I undress to impress.❞ * She lives a lavish life. Money...
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Menace to society #hoodlove by therealwritersister
Menace to society #hoodloveby Therealwritersister
Crystal is a 17 year old girl who lives with her mom who is addicted to drugs and abuses her for being a stripper trying to make money so she could survive in this harsh...
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Married to a Pornstar by DirtyAnonymous
Married to a Pornstarby DirtyAnonymous
this story is more about sex than love. can marriage tame Blue who has been a pornstar and a slut since she knew what sex was? or will the slutty nature break her marria...
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AM I FOR KEEPS {COMPLETED} by urbantrendsetters
AM I FOR KEEPS {COMPLETED}by Urban Trendsetter
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Stepbrothers by DNAisinteresting
Stepbrothersby DNAisinteresting
Meet Dani Wilson, she's almost 16 years old and the past has not been kind to her. She's sweet, and shy. How will she react when her mother decides to marry a man Dani h...
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My gym teacher  by fallenangels91
My gym teacher by Dessie
Read and find out loves
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Supernatural Smuts by Blacklife0604
Supernatural Smutsby Shirin Seidner
You know what it's about so enjoy;)
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Rescue My Heart by LoRaid
Rescue My Heartby Lotta
𝓑𝓞𝓞𝓚 𝓞𝓝𝓔 𝓘𝓝 𝓣𝓗𝓔 "𝓜𝓨 𝓗𝓔𝓐𝓡𝓣" 𝓢𝓔𝓡𝓘𝓔𝓢. ~ Clover Landerfield is the girl is the girl who was introduced to heartache is the most painful wa...
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Solar Veins ✓ by supernovass
Solar Veins ✓by lotte
When Cora arrives home with no recollection of the past few days, she begins to panic. With her phone missing, and clothes torn, the only clue she has to the events of t...
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Runner by Mikaelatesss
Runnerby Mikaela's Stories
Book 1 of The Veterans MC Lilly is on the run with the baby she carries inside her. Not able to bring herself to trust another man she prides herself on her independence...
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Outaishihi ni Nante Naritakunai!!    by attackingmarble
Outaishihi ni Nante Jhanz
WARNING R18 (LOTS OF SMUT) NOT SUITABLE FOR WEAK HEARTS AND EASILY OFFENDED READERS (associated names) I Don't Want to Become Crown Princess!! 王太子妃になんてなりたくない!! FOR OFF...
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Break Me Where Love Hurts  by InkPrincessMarcia
Break Me Where Love Hurts by InkPrincessMarcia
Corliss is a single mother to a out of control 15 year old Zamaya. Corliss has been unemployed for two when she gets a job at Intex. Zamaya is a out of control teenage...
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orphic.         [Sequel to opia] - hs au by ohharderdaddyy
orphic. [Sequel to opia] Thali M.
orphic. mysterious and entrancing; beyond ordinary understanding. "It's incredible that even though we had been together in the past, feels like we have never tou...
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Falling in LOVE after Marriage by Vasugiiiiiii
Falling in LOVE after Marriageby வாசுகி
#1 ranking in #Tamil #1 ranking in #Watty2019 #1 ranking in #India #31 ranking in #Life #5 ranking in #Indian #1 ranking in #Anushka This story is about two middle-c...
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Sweet As Candy(Laughing Jack X Reader) by scarlet_vantas
Sweet As Candy(Laughing Jack X Scarlet_Letter1998
Moarning over the loss of your family relative Isaac you were brought to his mother and fathers house, given a very mysterious music box as a remember me preasent. Thing...
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DANCE OF PASSION ( END) by Delalio_luna
warning 21++ Di bawah 21 tahun harap menyingkir...karna cerita ini mengandung unsur dewasa Queen Deanova ( 25 tahun) Adalah Sekretris profesional dan cerdas dari peru...
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TEAR / MAFIA AU /JJK ✅ by jeonrexrex
TEAR / MAFIA AU /JJK ✅by kookyluv
His eyes screamed lust, looking at her begging him eagerly, enjoying her loud screams, and how his name would roll breathlessly under her tongue, he tightened his grip m...
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Riverdale Instagram  by Lonely-Loser
Riverdale Instagram by It’s okay to be sad
quarantine got me bored as fuck! so read this if you want but i recommend you do! Rankings: #4 in rosie #18 in maturelanguage #45 in kids #103 in Choni #202 in random #...
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Immersed ;; H.S by cluelessstyles
Immersed ;; H.Sby BABY
"I've become completely immersed in him. And I never should have." In which Nadia, a lover of the Liberal Arts with enough extracurricular activities to entert...
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Epiphany by Enny101
Epiphanyby Eniola✨
"I'm living the good life that everyone else wants, I'm capable of giving you two that life but I won't because you and I know that either of you don't deserve it&q...
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