My 5 Brothers by quirkyteen101
My 5 Brothersby caz
Being the only girl in a house full of boys is hard! Not only does she have to fend for herself in a house full of testosterone, she has to live with the constant remind...
  • brother
  • siblings
  • problems
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My Arrogant, Over Protective Mate by katnisslerman16
My Arrogant, Over Protective Mateby Abigail Lynne
Haven Mathie's life unexpectedly changes when she shifts into a wolf on her seventeenth birthday. Raised as a human, by humans, neither Haven nor her parents understand...
  • kiss
  • jealousy
  • battle
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Everything I Never Said by feliciaing
Everything I Never Saidby Felicia Ing
❝This is the love I fail to say. One that caused him to go away, for our love was never made to stay.❞ - all of the poems are mine :) #1 in Poetry since 26/05/17 ! Than...
  • sayings
  • society
  • tumblr
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Trapped with an Arrogant Bad Ass [ WA WINNER '13] by xXMopelXx
Trapped with an Arrogant Bad Ass [ The Real Queen B of Wattpad
*DISCLAIMER: This was my first story on wattpad so suffice to say that it'll have grammar mistakes and [maybe] annoying characters? I was fifteen/sixteen when I wrote i...
  • drama
  • regret
  • snowstorm
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Girls Can't Play Football by ashthunder123
Girls Can't Play Footballby Pakhi Goel
*~WATTPAD FEATURED STORY IN TEEN FICTION~* "Girls can't play football," he stated, whilst smirking. "I'm pretty sure they can," I narrowed my e...
  • featured
  • problems
  • teenfiction
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My Brother's Bad Boy Best Friend by bookin_it
My Brother's Bad Boy Best Friendby bookin_it
Jazz is seventeen and on her way back home. She's been off traveling the world for a whole year and is excited to finally be back home with her parents and brother. The...
  • love
  • enemies
  • bed
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Thick thighs {Completed} by Misguided_Angel843
Thick thighs {Completed}by Mœšhã Mäçk
If you didn't know before know now that thick thighs drive the boys wild. Kayla didn't quite understand that. A bullied plus size girl who's afraid of opening up finds h...
  • fiction
  • problems
  • drama
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Without Him by RMA5142
Without Himby RMA5142
(Going through editing; ++ AMATEUR) Ella Daniels gave her heart away to Max Wilde, only to get it all crumbled up by him that one night everything between them ended aft...
  • life
  • max
  • family
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(Nie)widzialna I, II by mysteriouslady1290
(Nie)widzialna I, IIby mysteriouslady1290
Mam na imię Zuzanna i liczę sobie już 20 lat. Jestem brunetką o kręconych , średniej długości włosach, z mocno brązowymi oczami i nadwagą 25 kilo , mam 169 cm wzrostu...
  • nastolatków
  • friendship
  • city
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The Alpha's Seduction by La_Rose_Semsem
The Alpha's Seductionby La_Rose_Semsem
"You're such a conceited, arrogant bastard!" In a heartbeat, he had my back against the wall. "I'm your conceited, arrogant bastard," he countered in...
  • witch
  • jealousy
  • problem
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The Bad Boy's Possession by Die_With_Time_15
The Bad Boy's Possessionby Gissell
Kennedy doesn't like drama. She tries to stay away from it at all costs. She likes things simple and she doesn't like attention. Moving has a lot of negative things, but...
  • school
  • anger
  • bad
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99 things: You Know You're an Otaku When... by paper-rose
99 things: You Know You're an Salma Xx
99 relatable otaku problems, issues and emotions. You know you're an otaku when you can relate to these things.
  • relatable
  • fun
  • otaku
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The Nerd by danielleward136
The Nerdby Danielle Ward
Hayden Smith is just a girl who wants good grades and keeps herself to herself whilst all the rest of the school bullies her. But what happens when Mr Peterson walks int...
  • jake
  • go-karts
  • tests
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TNGP: The Nerd Ganster Princess | COMPLETED | by SweetDevilishAngel
TNGP: The Nerd Ganster Princess | Angela
She's strong outside but weak inside. She's Jenelle Marie Zermenia Fernandez The Nerd. Gangster. Princess. Am i sure that she is just a Princess? How about a Queen of Ga...
  • sacrifices
  • gangster
  • nerd
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Love Me When It Hurts by toiajayc
Love Me When It Hurtsby LaToia
What do you do when you've be hurt by the one you love the most. Even after your husband cheats how do you continue to love, when you feel like its all gone. Shayna goes...
  • confrontation
  • crazy
  • excitement
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Selling The Pretty Boys Secrets by PeytonNovak
Selling The Pretty Boys Secretsby Peyton Novak
Cassie is a normal teenage girl with one downside in her life. The annoying twin brother she has to live with. On top of that, he is the number one player in school and...
  • secrets
  • school
  • girl
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Mafia trouble.  by taruni_sk
Mafia trouble. by Taruni Sk
Sequel to mafia love. Everything seemed to be peaceful for Adrian and Ara. But, is it really gonna be that way? While Adrian and Ara are making plans to live together...
  • love
  • ara
  • parents
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Fat Girl Problems by BookWorm0006
Fat Girl Problemsby Book Worm
As a 'fat girl', Quinn Jones' life consists of problem after problem, leaving her quite insecure. Moving to a new school for senior year didn't help that either. With a...
  • life
  • acceptance
  • teenagers
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The Big, Bad Bet by AyushyushYo
The Big, Bad Betby Astrid Grace Peterson
Jessica 'Jess' Jones; she might seem like a very normal girl, but she secretly comes from a very complicated family. Ryan Brentley; he is the most popular guy on campus;...
  • problems
  • highschool
  • jessica
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Drop Dead Gorgeous (YoungWritersPrize) by KatRuby
Drop Dead Gorgeous ( Kat
The heavy droplets of rain were slowly slipping down the hood of his leather jacket and a few effortlessly kissed his dark chocolate hair. »H…Hi.« I sputtered. »What d...
  • bad
  • boy
  • youngwritersprize
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