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Journey After Marriage  by Nandhinimurugesh0
Journey After Marriage by Nandhini murugesh
A story of arranged marriage and how a normal girl with a lot of dreams life changed due to the unexpected marriage...... And how she is adapting to the new life.... whe...
MODHALUM KADHALUM  by prita_krishnan
MODHALUM KADHALUM by prita Krishnan
A love story between professor and Student
Married to My Superstar Cousin by mathu_writes
Married to My Superstar Cousinby Maathu
He is a whitewashed Indian-American Hollywood film actor. She is a middle class in Chennai, living with her greedy uncle and his family. A trip to India changes his who...
Agreement Marriage by Meenajothi
Agreement Marriageby Meenu
Agreement Marriage, is a wonderful love story between two complex people. Radhika, a next door girl from a middle class family got married to an arrogant business man Ar...
Path of Destiny by Nandhinimurugesh0
Path of Destinyby Nandhini murugesh
Another imagination story.... Story about Father son relationship and the misunderstanding between them due to father second marriage... In this journey you can witness...
Don't You Dare Touch My Heart!  by Yagna13
Don't You Dare Touch My Heart! by Yagna13
Updates on Monday and Thursday! Another love! Another trouble! Another steamy romance! Another flood of emotions! Let's see if our heroine wins the heart of her man, br...
Ratneshwari by KhaliqahAzima
Ratneshwariby Khaliqah Azima
This is the story of Ratneshwari. She was a cheerful girl. She got married to Shivan. The marriage was a turning point in Ratneshwari and Shivan's life. Who loved whom...
Ratchasi..  by Halcyon_g
Ratchasi.. by Halcyon_g
Story of Vetrivel and Sathya....
klesa kadhala by kavi_fantasies
klesa kadhalaby kavi_fantasies
Hi guys, lets get into the love story of a arrogant and short tempered police officer who fell in love with straight forward doctor....💜 Highest rank No 1 #police...
The Replaced Bride(Completed)  by FlowerVine98
The Replaced Bride(Completed) by Anonymous Writer
She is Bubbly, He is Arrogant She is the ray of sunshine, He is full of darkness. This story about an plus size woman and an handsome man. Both are thrown together in t...
You...Complete Me (Completed) by -_Anamika_-
You...Complete Me (Completed)by 𝙰𝚗𝚊𝚖𝚒𝚔𝚊
American Boy - Indian Girl After marriage love story He is an American. A renowned doctor working in New York. That ideal man every girl longs for. A workaholic and his...
Heirs of MK EMPIRE by Nandhinimurugesh0
Heirs of MK EMPIREby Nandhini murugesh
Same characters of mystery around me with different story like... don't expect the characters are same as like they are in mystery around me... check into the story to k...
Andril paravai Naan.... (Completed)  by Halcyon_g
Andril paravai Naan.... (Completed...by Halcyon_g
(*ENGLISH Translation will be given below for Tamil words*) "What are you doing here " He asked her folding his hand in front of chest that flexed his muscle...
Tied up with you forever my love❤ by Pooja153
Tied up with you forever my love❤by Pooja
What the hell is this Navya, Shiva thrown a photos on floor. In every photo I was with different men with more Intimacy. I only cried. I didn't utter any words. Navi ju...
Everything Happens For A Reason by kamali98
Everything Happens For A Reasonby kamali98
************* Arjun slapped Kamiya as everyone is looking at them with shock. All this while arjun is appalled at his own action as he himself is not anticipated to beha...
Opposite Attracts Eachother ~ by Thahira_Sadic
Opposite Attracts Eachother ~by Thahira ~
Hey Deys ~ I'm Presenting U A Tanglish Story I Don't Know Much About Writting Stories Just Got Inspired From Few Stories 😁✌🏻 As An Ashaangian 💜 Im Going To Carry This...
Kadhal  by ayirariya
Kadhal by ayirariya
This is the story of a girl who is forced to marry her maternal uncle 🥰😍😍 this type of marriages are common in Tamil Nadu in olden days as they didn't want their to...
Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi by Hslwritings
Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hiby Hslwritings
A story of Choti Bondita and Badi Anirudh❤️ Cover credits: @thetangledwords This story is set in India's pre independent era that follows the lives of two best friends...
Your idol my husband ✔️ by sweety-1821
Your idol my husband ✔️by deepti-1821
Hi my name is Kim y/n I'm 21 years old I'm studying in Seoul national university and I'm the sister of Kim namjoon I'm a fan of bts too it's about my story how I fall...
The Story Of Nisha by Writer0151
The Story Of Nishaby Writer0151
10 in India as of 07/07/18 "I can't marry him!" I sob I can see disapointment in my parents eyes. "How can Aunty and Uncle face everybody now? The only...