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Urban Legends and Creepy Stories by HanWatson
Urban Legends and Creepy Storiesby Hannah
If you like a nice horror read than this is a book for you. This is a collection of old urban legends of all countries and creepy stories written by many people. Some m...
Midnight Kiss by linalaurine
Midnight Kissby Lina
When Josie spots one of the cutest guys she's ever laid eyes on she immediately wants him to notice her. The only problem is that she's reserved when it comes to new peo...
Bet || mairi by polentino_
Bet || mairiby Mairi
"It's just two best friends doing a dumb challenge" Mairi x alevaro
Short Poems by a Short Girl  [WATTYS Winner 2015] by MoreThanMeetsTheSky
Short Poems by a Short Girl [WATT...by Charlotte
"we sat under the same sky but he couldn't see the stars" -Short Poems by a Short Girl [#1 in poetry 1/22/16] Five foot three, but a big voice. I hope you e...
mary jane | stuart twombly ✓ by ruesbennett
mary jane | stuart twombly ✓by # BLACK GIRL MAGIC
" isn't that, like, a drug? " [ started: february 24, 2019 ] [ completed: february 26, 2019 ] [ THE INTERNSHIP - UNEDITED ] [ #4 in the 'stuarttwombly' tag! ] ...
He's a Cheater ✔️ by thewisenightowl
He's a Cheater ✔️by elusive
Their love story was the definition of perfect. At least, in Mary's eyes. Jake was a sweet and caring person, who understood and respected her. And she loved him. Jake...
Crazy In Love | ✔️  by bloodysonofagun
Crazy In Love | ✔️ by BloodySonOfAGun
Damien Anderson is an actor. A very popular one at that. At the age of 21, with a 2 year-old daughter to take care of by himself, it is difficult for him to find time to...
Everything I Never Say ✓ by ladyliteral
Everything I Never Say ✓by 👑 ALI
••• ❝If I can count every grain of sand in the shores of the beach we made a trip to twice a month; if I can trace lines from the first star all the way to the ver...
Chicago | hs au by harryhunny
Chicago | hs auby 🔲🔳🔲
Highest Rankings: #1 in Kiwi #3 in Harry Styles #5 in Harry Styles Fanfic #15 in Harry Styles Fanfiction Katie's a loner in a big city. They only thing she has is her vo...
Did you know ?  by Felix_solitary
Did you know ? by O F F L I N E
'Did you know' is a fact book, facts about science, history, astronomy, psychology etc with the inclusion of a fun fact at the end. All credit goes to the the scientist...
*COMPLETED*Aphmau Minecraft Diaries (Levin X Sister Reader) One Shot by Violet_Lola505
*COMPLETED*Aphmau Minecraft Diarie...by Lola~Chan
While In the woods, Aphmau finds a little girl (YOU!!)and takes her in as her own. How will Levin feel having a new little sister?
Human - Tao X OC by Sincerely_1215
Human - Tao X OCby Sincerely_1215
"You're more human than you think you are." - I dove deep into Carol and Tuesday and really liked Tao's character. I'm using the fact that he was hardly seen i...
When the Black-Eyed Children Knock & Other Stories by BenSobieck
When the Black-Eyed Children Knock...by Benjamin Sobieck
[Featured] [Highest rank #2 in Horror] [Featured by @TheExorcistFOX] Exclusive to Wattpad! "Whatever you do, don't let them inside." Liam is a new father s...
Mia's Coping Journal  by Lovelshadows
Mia's Coping Journal by Jasmine T.
My name is Mia Hernandez and I'm a thirty year old infertile woman. This journal's purpose is to provide emotional relief as well as helping me "cope" through...
||•IG Captions•|| by cherrivuitton_
||•IG Captions•||by 🤍🦋
Quotes Ig captions
barefoot (the garden burns) by DPArgyle
barefoot (the garden burns)by D. P. Argyle
An anthology. {A Packet of Rackets} Poems, verses, curses, un-narratives, non-narratives, meanders, ganders, & other yawps. 2008-2020. Completed. Some of these were writ...
Boudoir Glamour Inc. by CynkNapp
Boudoir Glamour Inc.by Cynk_Napp
A very elite company provides image services to high wealth clients. Shape shifting models pose to mimic a person at a level of perfection and youth. Illustrations were...
Dialogue Prompts  by PrinceCottonPaws
Dialogue Prompts by Prince(ss)
This is literally a dialogue prompt book just like the title says. --- Book begun: Mon, Oct, 9th, 2017, 1:29 AM I have a goal to upload 500 Prompts. If you decide to us...
Highland Christmas - A HIGHLAND BOOKS SHORT STORY by SavvyDunn
Highland Christmas - A HIGHLAND BO...by Emma Baird
It's Gaby and Jack's first Christmas as a married couple-presents, fun with the family and any excuse to use that mistletoe, right? Not quite... Lochalshie has other thi...
Catching Stars by KatiMontrose
Catching Starsby Kati Montrose
While dealing with the stress and drama of young adulthood, Jenna gets wrapped up in her first love affair.