The Zombie Vampire   by Foxgirl1103
The Zombie Vampire by Foxgirl1103
The Zombie Vampire is a half zombie and a half vampire. Two people form it at night time. One is a zombie and the another a vampire. They like each other but they don't...
  • memories
  • problem
  • backstory
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Mondaiji tachi ga Isekai Kara Kuru Sō Desu yo? 4th Problem Child by AnimeIsLife6000
Mondaiji tachi ga Isekai Kara Fairy_Tail_Lover
There is one girl named Yuki. She has a special gift just like Izayoi. One day she finds a letter from the little garden. It says to Yuki Heart. What will black rabbi...
  • world
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  • kara
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Fandom problems by Rei_Murasaki
Fandom problemsby Sleeping bags 4life
Random thoughts for random people
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The Problem of Prediction by manjeetkaur2922
The Problem of Predictionby hot Amrica
As far as prediction is concerned, remember that the chairman of IBM predicted in the fifties that the world would need a maximum of around half a dozen computers, that...
  • love
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Az élet apró problémái by senki000
Az élet apró problémáiby °someone°
A cím szerintem mindent elárul. Ha gondolod olvass bele, lehet néha magadra ismersz benne. Jó szórakozást!
  • truestory
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Broken Part Of Me by hannahmhmd
Broken Part Of Meby hannahmhmd
heart speaks about the sadness ;
  • wattpad
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Prompts From The Past by Tainted_giraffe
Prompts From The Pastby No One Special
Poems and short stories from 2015
  • fairytail
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Call and quick help in water damage Problem in Florida by servicemaster1247
Call and quick help in water servicemaster 247
In the United States, flooding is considered to be a major cause of Water Damage Problem in homes and the residents in Orange Park, Florida are not spared from this. Ser...
  • damage
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  • water
Happy Together by Binggozab
Happy Togetherby B.Z
friendship or relationship?
  • pitch
  • maureen
  • naih
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Past Mistakes  by Goatloverforever
Past Mistakes by Windsong Willow
(This is a GT story) Ryan Stone has made a lot of mistakes in the past, one of them caused his girlfriend to leave, shortly after she goes missing leaving her six year o...
  • adventure
  • pretty
  • giants
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a fucking life #2 by thenonoemi
a fucking life #2by honey
skrev av mig i förra. och nu gör jag det igen. har raderat den för jag skämdes. men nu känns det sådär igen. och ni hjälpte mig så mkt. welcome again people
  • slumpmässigkatergori
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  • thenonoemi
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STAR HUNT by AddictInBlack
STAR HUNTby XxxxxxxX
I want to learn everything. June 8,2018
  • learn
  • wattys2018
  • passion
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Star Astrological Centre by starastrological
Star Astrological Centreby starastrological
Pandith Shiva Shankar is Famous Astrologer in Sydney Australia. He is well Known Vedic Astrologer in Australia. For many years, astrology is being pre-owned by our recur...
  • vedic
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Artificial Hymen Kit In Pakistan  | In Pakistan | 03006668448 by Ashraf808
Artificial Hymen Kit In Ashraf808
Tags: Artificial Hymen Kit, Artificial Hymen Kit In India, Artificial Hymen Kit In Pakistan, Artificial Hymen Kit Price In Pakistan, Artificial Hymen Kit Problem, Artifi...
  • artificial
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friends with benefits↑o.s.w by haylieannn
friends with benefits↑o.s.wby haylie ann
what if being friends with benefits required you to sign a contract? what happens when you break the rules? ong seongwoo and hwang soomin signed a contract to be friend...
  • wannable
  • wannaone
  • teenfiction
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A Late Problem Child? by Cakeplants
A Late Problem Child?by Luciel ✦
In the world of the 'Little Garden' Spirits, Demon lords, Gods, and Stars exist. When Izayoi Sakamaki, Asuka Kudō, and Yō Kasukabe, a gifted bunch of teenagers, are summ...
  • izayoi
  • kasakabe
  • sakamaki
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Riddle Book by thrillerfan345
Riddle Bookby thrillerfan345
this is where you will find riddles that are hard and challenging so good luck!
  • hard
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  • riddles
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Goji Face Cream in Pakistan  - Skin Whitening Cream - 03006668448 by Ashraf808
Goji Face Cream in Pakistan - Ashraf808
Tags: Goji cream, goji cream benefits, goji cream for wrinkles, goji cream In Islamabad, goji cream In Karachi, goji cream In Lahore, goji cream in Pakistan, goji cream...
  • ingredients
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  • islamabad
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You're All I Ever Wanted by asdfghjkviel
You're All I Ever Wantedby 🇦 🇻 🇮 🇪
"When did you become like this? How could you say those things that you didn't even mean it?" He didn't say anything so I continue. "I know I did some thi...
  • abby
  • problem
  • acceptance
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