Dear readers,

I would like to apologize for my absence. When my personal life took a turn, and wattpad's update messed up the chapter systems, I couldn't write anymore. I stepped away from word processor and lacked the inspiration to dive back in. This doesn't excuse the fact I should have given you all some notice.

FHMYSAP the 2nd edition has been completed and I am running it through an editor to work on an Amazon copy. It will be under the title "Troublesome Attractions."

If you have any questions or comments please direct them to my Twitter or Instagram. I will keep up on answering you guys! Twitter is #JadedSip and Instagram is jadedsip

Unfortunately I will not return to WattPad. Not for the time being anyways. I am currently working on a few never before seen projects, along with a novel in the works. Hopefully publication is in my future! I've taken the time to hone my craft and hope to do you all proud. I will never forgot where I started.

I love you wattpadians.
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JadedRein JadedRein Aug 03, 2013 01:57PM
Hey FHMYSAP fans! Interested in Kara and Logan? Want some inside news? Check out my latest interview!
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