Crazy Addictive Wattpad Books

Crazy Addictive Wattpad Books

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♥︎ Belle ♥︎ By anaveragewriter123 Completed

I've been on Wattpad a long time. It's an addiction, a hole most cannot climb out of. Trust me I've tried. 

It's impossible to go cold turkey with this app. 

Having read a lot of books on Wattpad, good, bad and incredibly cliched bad boy books, there are a lot of those, I want to make a book consisting of my personal opinions on each book because why not? 

So here it is. The many different types of books I've read. Ones I enjoy very, very much and constantly plague with that forever loved #rr.


This book is not a work of fiction it's just my reviews of someone my favourite Wattpad books. It includes the author, a personal rating, whether it's completed or on-going as well as a paragraph or two about how I felt about the book. 

It is not a work of fiction as in a story. You can find a teen fiction book on my profile that I wrote if you wanted something like that.