Lies We Tell ✔ by LB_Jade
Lies We Tell ✔by L.B. Jade
Amelia Xu is dreading freshman year of college, especially facing her bad summer orientation hook-up. And that's before a breakout of hate crimes starts threatening the...
  • diverselit
  • asiansinlit
  • youngadult
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poetry II by clancyisout
poetry IIby 𝕽𝖆𝖛𝖊𝖓
mediocre writings
  • ignorance
  • homophobia
  • macbeth
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My Brother's Best Friend by x_Nedz_Bae_x
My Brother's Best Friendby Nede Don
Imagine a world where you get bullied by not only your brother but also his best friend and the whole school and being abused by your parents too? Must be difficult righ...
  • love
  • camilacabello
  • teenfiction
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Loving You Is Complicated by Ebony_Jewel
Loving You Is Complicatedby Ms. Shakur
"...I'm happy and I want you to be happy, too." "I'm fine, trust me. If I wasn't, you'd know. You know this!" "We both know that you rarely op...
  • nafessawilliams
  • blacklove
  • chadwickboseman
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blackest by crimelorde
blackestby 𝖓𝖎𝖈𝖔
  • woke
  • qpoc
  • activism
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Bliss by iridescentpeach
Blissby •nandika•
This is a book containing my personal opinions on politics, ethical dilemmas, and more light-hearted topics such as celebrities and food. And also memes. Feel free to a...
  • political
  • religion
  • feminism
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We Shall Fight by Dragonrat703
We Shall Fightby Juliette
Inequality, racism, sexism, poverty, homophobia, transphobia, violence, climate change, animal cruelty, war, and many other atrocities litter our world, yet it is eviden...
  • nohate
  • diverse
  • feminism
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the blonde by fangirlextremist
the blondeby lexi™
a collection of poems. (sequel to the brunette)
  • poem
  • words
  • activism
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BOYS • poetry by -reject
BOYS • poetryby JACK
a collection of poems in which you meet twenty-six boys and read their stories from the perspective of twenty-six other boys. you've met most of them before, in reality...
  • omc
  • socialissues
  • lgbt-themed
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Our Fight by ProjectWhatAboutUs
Our Fightby Project What About Us
This book will be filled with information about various issues and threats to people going on around the world. If you know of something that we don't cover in this book...
  • fight
  • resistance
  • netneutrality
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Two Girls | ✓ by authoris
Two Girls | ✓by *+:。.。 th 。.。:+*
two girls, chillin' in a hot tub, no feet apart cause they're gay as fuck. #PRIDEMONTH © 2018, AUTHORIS Highest Ranking so far: #1 in PenYourPride
  • activism
  • loveislove
  • poet
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The Pull by RhimaWitch
The Pullby Rhima Witch
She has been diving and snorkeling for years. She wanted to help the animals, but she is only a drop in the bucket... and we can't afford to lose anyone in this fight. T...
  • nationalgeographic
  • marinelife
  • saveouroceans
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Late Night Thoughts  by acupoftaeeee
Late Night Thoughts by A Cup of Tae
Just random things that run through my head at night. Highest Ranking #1 in Activist (7/23/18) #31 in Fangirling (7/22/18)
  • activist
  • kpop
  • love
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Find Your Justice by nicyahomie
Find Your Justiceby Nic 🌌⚡
Sixteen-year-old Makeda Williams lives both worlds; the streets of Crown Heights, Brooklyn where she lives and attending a wonderful private school. The uneasy balance...
  • crownheights
  • blacklivesmatter
  • thug
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Stand Down by breloque
Stand Downby Ms Dee
❝i see the pain they bare, where is the hope they long for does anybody out there care?❞
  • poc
  • colourism
  • spiritual
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Words of Change: Musings of a young activist and writer by chocolateandromance
Words of Change: Musings of a Aria S.
Poems and writings inspired by the need to change the world and my activist spirit.
  • womensmarch
  • poetry
  • poemcollection
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The Devil's Neighborhood by Ember_Inkspell
The Devil's Neighborhoodby Ember_Inkspell
Em Swellon lives in a town where everyone knows everyone. A kind of town that has one high school, and a room called the 'Kindness Class'. A kind of town that has myste...
  • sarcasm
  • dystiopian
  • romace
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On Becoming Human by peachcrust
On Becoming Humanby Rowan
It's a beautiful mess when a dismissive boy and an ardent feminist finally meet. They may have been at same school for years, but she's never really noticed him-and boy...
  • feminist
  • california
  • wattpride
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This is Why by ProjectThisIsWhy
This is Whyby Project This Is Why
Why would you ever choose to go vegan? Why do vegans push their beliefs on people? Why do they care about animals so much? Can't veganism kill you? What about protein? D...
  • slaughter
  • companies
  • industry
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