The Personal Assistant. by Idecidemyownfate
The Personal Annemarie
"James McGregor, CEO of McGregor industries, has passed away yesterday evening after a long battle with cancer. James McGregor, aged 63, was one of the-" Eliza...
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New York Loving (Completed) by Lexie-lou7
New York Loving (Completed)by Lexie-Lou
Mature Read‼️ 🔆 1st #richguy 7/11/18 16+ - Bella and her best friend are drunk and jobless, What does this lead to? Booking one way tickets to New York! Starting fresh...
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Billionaire Obsession by Nia_bookworm
Billionaire Obsessionby Nia
{Entered Hot list! #64- Romance} Nicholas Martinez Knight: The most famous billionaire. Not just any billionaire. The most eligible hottest bachelor billionaire. He's...
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be my song // HRVY by little_seavey
be my song // HRVYby Lejla
Moving is always hard but to me it was the hardest thing I've ever done in my entire life. Everything changed just because of this one day. One day changed everything, t...
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Tom Holland Imagines by XShattered_Memoriesx
Tom Holland Imaginesby Sammie Williams. 💜
A collection of self written Imagines of all kinds - Long, short Romantic & cute Random and Dirty And so, so so much more. All of them are about either Tom Holland/Pete...
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His Assistant by TheWriter3735
His Assistantby TheWriter3735
"Come on Amore, I know you want me." He whispered in my ear. I backed away. "I don't- I can't I'm just your assistant." "You're much more Bella...
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POINTLESS by joonpiter
i'm depressed
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My Twin Bosses by Flying_Free123
My Twin Bossesby D R E A M B I G
Angelo and Adrian are twin alphas. They share their alpha title, their pack, and their home. And yes, they share a mate. That mate, Rosalina, just so happened to be hire...
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My Unfaithful Bodyguard by manal3e
My Unfaithful Bodyguardby Manalee
"Wh-why did you stop the elevator?",I asked. He turned on his feet to face me again. "You were saying?" He asked completely ignoring my question. He...
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more than a song // HRVY by little_seavey
more than a song // HRVYby Lejla
So many things have changed and I was finally accepting the fact that he left. But who would've known that even more things could change in the future, I wish future me...
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The Ex Wife by morgan_af
The Ex Wifeby morgan_af
"Char, I am going to get you back, I promise you that."
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Hrvy imagines [SLOW UPDATES] by tomschocolate
Hrvy imagines [SLOW UPDATES]by ♡𝘍𝘜𝘊𝘒𝘌𝘋 𝘜𝘗♡
Dont read the first few chapters their trash to be honest And yeah I need to edit I know
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Two Cents (Rants) by Trash_4_Yoongi
Two Cents (Rants)by Esther
Rants because I complain a lot. I talk a lot about Kpop and BTS, but I also talk about many other issues as well.
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One Direction Imagines and Preferences Book 1 by Harrys_Kitten_xo
One Direction Imagines and Harrys_Kitten_xo
Basically what the title says imagines and preferences about Liam Harry Louis Niall and Zayn, don't forget to comment for a personal imagine or preference I will be happ...
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I'm not okay poems by LauraJB2936
I'm not okay poemsby LauraJB2936
This is a book of my poems. I'm not good but I hope you'll give this book a chance. Hope you guys enjoy it!!! *************Disclaimer************* All of the poems menti...
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Broadcast into My Life by ArimaMary
Broadcast into My Lifeby Mary
More non-fiction not quite personal with a bit of randomness, like tags. Plus, announcements about my stories that don't fit into other books. Come on in!
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Fancy a Cover? by TheCelticWolfAndMe
Fancy a Cover?by TheCelticWolf
Hey so this is where I post some covers that I've made in case any of you lovely people want one of the covers I've already made, with a mixture of named and unnamed boo...
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eighteen by ssugardonut
eighteenby qian.
a personal book as well as an account rate book where qian rates your account ! cover by @swetaer
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