His Love Changed Me

His Love Changed Me

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Rose Knight By sexywriter Updated Dec 09, 2012


Avery is used to guys using her for one night and then never seeing her again.  She learns to embrace this lifestyle and lives on one night stands from hot guys.

When she meets the hot cop Zach though, everything changes. He makes her feel different and he's desperate for her to change her way of life.

Will Zach be able to show Avery a new world... the world of love?

  • amy
  • apartment
  • argue
  • avery
  • bed
  • bedroom
  • beer
  • body
  • cane
  • car
  • changed
  • clothes
  • cop
  • cry
  • danny
  • devil
  • dress
  • family
  • fire
  • football
  • glass
  • hot
  • house
  • jason
  • kalie
  • kiss
  • love
  • marry
  • maryse
  • morning
  • party
  • questions
  • run
  • shower
  • siblings
  • sleep
  • sorry
  • talk
  • taylor
  • zach
  • zorro
selenavamp selenavamp Mar 23, 2017
That sentence slapped me right across the face and back to church
Minyoongi1st_Wife Minyoongi1st_Wife Feb 23, 2016
I know it's a book but no matter how fine you are im not getting in the car with a stranger but if you were trey songz then that's a whole another story 😂😂😘😘
Josh_King_Hamilton Josh_King_Hamilton Jan 07, 2015
Why do girls  always  have to sway their hips?  it already moves when you walk.
ChineseNoodle ChineseNoodle Aug 04, 2014
Really liked this chapter and it's worth checking out. Nice job :)
sparkles_23 sparkles_23 Feb 03, 2013
awwwwwww (:
                              stranger danger yo!
                              Thats cute ^.^ 
                              woah he's in love already? :D
sexywriter sexywriter Jan 05, 2013
@sheva98 Thanks!
                              @KanyeInterruptedMe I don't know if it's a sickness but I am so glad that I have it because damn, guys in uniform are sooooo hot!