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The Revelation by Rddudd
The Revelationby Jas jacey
The sequel to the Unknown. SPOILER ALERT: IF YOU DONT WANT TO KNOW THE SURPRISE ENDING OF THE UNKNOWN, WAIT TO READ THIS BOOK ( I'm not going to tell you that you have t...
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Life of a Nigerian by xxx-kayla-xxx
Life of a Nigerianby xxx-kayla-xxx
Morayo Adekunle lived with both her parents. This is a story about life in Nigeria, don't take anything offensive here, Hope everyone enjoys it.
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Love Blooms (Jane/Carlos) by BloodRoseAngel
Love Blooms (Jane/Carlos)by BloodRoseAngel
After the cotillion, Jane and Carlos' relationship seemed to blossom. Only one problem, Fairy Godmother wants Jane to be with a prince. Jane and Carlos keep their relati...
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Jayvie DRABBLES by castaris
Jayvie DRABBLESby lolololol
One-shots, Shory stories & Shot-stories of the adventures of the Thief & his Queen. Contains: Major JAYVIE feels and fluff. Jayvie shippers, read at your own risk... Mai...
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But It Isn't Enough! by BrokenGirl2020
But It Isn't Enough!by BrokenGirl2020
This is my version of what could happen after the end of Descendants 3. This is not exactly like the movie, there are some changes that you will see in the story. We got...
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Hook & Apple One-Shots by AshlynMethvin
Hook & Apple One-Shotsby Disney Gryffindor
A bunch of one-shots after my other two stories
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Just a Jarlos story. by emery_murray7
Just a Jarlos ⚡️ E•M•E•R•Y ⚡️
just some Jarlos stuff.
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Kang Seungyoon, who loves music and wants to pursue his music career together with his bandmates/friends. Haze Isaiah, who still love her ex, came across her college cla...
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PJO Watty Awards Voting Book 2019 by PJO_WattyAwards
PJO Watty Awards Voting Book 2019by ρנσ ωαтту αωαя∂ѕ
All votes in the entries book will not be counted. You can vote here for your favourite books in the PJO Watty Awards 2018! [Cover Credit: @Yukimoto-Namikaze]
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The Candy Cane Killer by paintpastel
The Candy Cane Killerby paintpastel
'Little Millie always knew She was not like me and you. She had no love from her birth But innocence was her curse.' You can't trust anyone. Not even Santa. But Millie d...
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It Gets Dark All By Myself... (TodoBakuDeku X Reader) by 6twilight12345
It Gets Dark All By Myself... ( 6twilight12345
"Midoria." ".....What do you want, Kacchan." "Stay the hell away from (Y\N), you bastard!" " ..... " "How about no." &q...
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Descendants 2(Jayvie and Bal edition) by theeejawneeedee
Descendants 2(Jayvie and Bal Johnny D
Not All couples are perfect. There seems to be some trouble between two certain couples that involves a royal family member and a villain kid.
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Michael Trevino by rainbowunicorn93
Michael Trevinoby rainbowunicorn93
Kurzer Einblick in das Leben von Michael Trevino. Mit seinen wichtigsten Filmen.
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An Unfortunate Lesson by XxxrinsxworldxxX
An Unfortunate Lessonby XxxrinsxworldxxX
First story on Wattpad. Would really appreciate any advice or criticism you have to give me! Also this one's gonna get a little kinky ;)
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La disculpa de Deku °|||Katsudeku|||° (One-shot) by RagenFeliCane
La disculpa de Deku °|||Katsudeku| Aiden Feli Cane
Kacchan sufre un pequeño accidente por culpa de Deku, asi que este decide reconfortarlo con un pequeño presente. -------- -AU!Infantil -Shonen AI -Fluff -------- Tenia p...
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My Uncle's Wooden Cane by andresvizcayat
My Uncle's Wooden Caneby Andrés Vizcaya
A short prose poem in which I talk about my uncle's wooden cane.
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No safe words by I_Am_So_Kawaii
No safe wordsby I_Am_So_Kawaii
Sarah is kidnapped at the young age of 13 and forced into the BDSM world.
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Trapped (Short Story) [Completed]  by Kurokawa23
Trapped (Short Story) [Completed] by Kurokawa23
Cane is a transgender boy, trying to get through life with his abusive mom and his several bully's. He will eventually find how to get through things but his journey lie...
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Jarlos-Expecting A Little One by Slpekme
Jarlos-Expecting A Little Oneby thestraightofevil
This is a story of Carlos and Jane's unplanned suprise. Plus Ben and Mal will have the same times too. What will happen to their early-came family? How will Cruella will...
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JOY (a short story) by Rain_blade
JOY (a short story)by Rain_blade
Joy doesn't have to cost any money and it can be found in the most unlikely places. Joy is for everyone. Everyone deserves Joy.
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