Falling for Jackson Wang

Falling for Jackson Wang

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DimSum <3 By lovesblockedbyseals Updated Nov 29

( MARKSON) Mark Tuan never thought he would see cold-hearted Jackson Wang again. Not after everything that happened: Childhood friends turned enemies. 

Is it really possible for a bully to fall for his victim? Will Mark ever forgive his bully? Or is it all a sick joke? 

Started 27/09/2016 

*Some innapropriate remarks/scenes*
MOST CHARACTERS ARE BASED OFF ACTUAL PEOPLE (except for personalities and information I have created myself). 

NOTE: If any of this plot happens to be the same as any other book I DID NOT Intentionally 'steal' anything. All of this is coming from my own mind, if it is similar to anything  you've read in past or you have written, I am sorry! 
- Dimsum

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