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𝖒𝖔𝖓𝖘𝖙𝖆 𝖝 𝖘𝖒𝖚𝖙𝖘 . by ENOUGH-DENISE
𝖒𝖔𝖓𝖘𝖙𝖆 𝖝 𝖘𝖒𝖚𝖙𝖘 .by 🍑
come here thirsty hoes
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Texting Wonho(e) | WONHO X Reader {✔} by hoshicakes
Texting Wonho(e) | WONHO X b o b a ♡
"Hey babe, get ready tonight because I have a special present for you 💦" "Excuse me sir but I don't want your 'special present'" "Stop playin...
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My stepbrother's bestfriend  by heartachee_
My stepbrother's bestfriend by honestyyy
"It's three in the morning, what do you want?" "You."
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Good Girl Gone Bad [[JJK&PJM]] ✔️ by IMSugaWonho
Good Girl Gone Bad [[JJK&PJM]] ✔️by ♡Mama Hoe♡
Hana gets turned down by the boy she fancies and two boys offer her their services....They're going to turn this good girl bad Cover by chimchimicorn HIGHEST RANKINGS #1...
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You Are Ours by squishy_yongie
You Are Oursby 민 은지
Hyunjin is an alpha whom has to take care of his brother. What happens when one night,everything goes wrong and he discovers the mafia world? Especially when a gang take...
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The Bodyguard (A Monsta X Fanfiction) by seastarssaki
The Bodyguard (A Monsta X Author-nim
Inspired by the completion of the Bodyguard (An EXO Fanfiction), I have decided to make a similar story line but with Monsta X instead. Jiyeon was the youngest females...
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Pretty Boy~Hyungwonho🔚 by johnnyult
Pretty Boy~Hyungwonho🔚by ♡
dom.jy: baby take your shirt off for me "oh am i being to slow for you? here, i'll go slower" *fast development* ❌may contain slightly nsfw pictures(like cute...
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Hunt by SugaWithThatTae
Huntby manx
"Kiss to stun, shoot to kill." multifandom crime/racer au | sequel to rush updated every wednesday + saturday © SugaWithThatTae 2019
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✔️Deadly Mafia leader by SPDonut_
✔️Deadly Mafia leaderby Spd_S.Coups
"What's your name?" "If I told you that, I would have to hurt you, sweetie" -------------------------------------------- Your whole family is part o...
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Monsta Chat  by wannabe224
Monsta Chat by Momo
When an online group chat for people to talk anonymously is discovered by 7 different men and a chaotic friendship ensues. Someone of Monsta X are idols some are not ido...
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Kihyun | Accidental Love by keurisel
Kihyun | Accidental Loveby Zelle
"I married you because I had no choice. And now I'm leaving you because of the same reason." Cover by: cuzugly Highest rank attained in Fanfiction: #379
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lean on me » showki by softbinnie-
lean on me » showkiby babygirl(っ◔◡◔)っ
in which hyunwoo is a single father with too many responsibilities while kihyun is a motherly nursery teacher with not enough. stuckihyun-©
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𝐠𝐮𝐧𝐬𝐡𝐨𝐭 ✈︎ nct by neologistics
𝐠𝐮𝐧𝐬𝐡𝐨𝐭 ✈︎ nctby ° 黄仁俊 ;;
「 they are tasked to kill her, but can they? 」 ⇝ nct fanfiction COMPLETED ✓ all rights reserved, 2019 © neologistics ➳ lowercase intended ! ─────────────── [ #1 in nctdr...
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Monsta X reactions, texts, scenarios (RQ OPEN) by ImaDebaser
Monsta X reactions, texts, Obibambam
This is about Monsta X... reacting to stuff. {REQUESTS CLOSED} Any GIFS used DO NOT belong to me! Happy reading:)
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KPOP REACTIONS by lipgloss84
These aren't going to be your basic, reactions. I want to try and spice things up.
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I Ain't Your Mama [[PJM]]  ✔️ by IMSugaWonho
I Ain't Your Mama [[PJM]] ✔️by ♡Mama Hoe♡
Kim Hana replaces her sister as Park Jimin's bride when she runs off with another man cover by: chimchimicorn HIGHEST RANKINGS #1 fanfiction #1 btsjimin #1 parkjimin #1...
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Kpop Oneshots by CarmenKB
Kpop Oneshotsby 𝓹 𝓾 𝓹
"Caw caw caw-"
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kpop leak;; by Fantasias_Muak
kpop leak;;by Chica Fresa
Cosas sobre tus idols favoritos, la mayoría son ciertas y confirmadas por el público coreano y sasaengs. No al hate o bloqueo❤✔ #7 Shinee 12/4/20 #7 Astro 12/4/20 #1 Fac...
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Pretty baby ★ Hyungwonho  by parkinsidemejimin
Pretty baby ★ Hyungwonho by ☁︎ Adalene ☁︎
Hoseok messaged hyungwon instead of a hook-up. Once they get to know each other what happened? [completed]
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"Хоёр дахь эмэгтэй дүр" by VanTe_CAFE
"Хоёр дахь эмэгтэй дүр"by V🌟 NaRaNa
Ян Хэри хийсэн нүглийнхээ төлөөсөнд хоёр залуугийн гарт зовж, тарчилсаар амь тавих болно. Гэтэл түүнд үхлийн дараах ертөнцөд гайхамшиг тохиолдон өнгөрсөнд буцан очиж бү...
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