Bully by -lonelynights
Bullyby kylie
He was the fox and she was the rabbit; in which a bully relentlessly torments his victim over the years.
  • victim
  • wattys2018
  • obsession
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GOT GUTS? | How To Escape A Psycho Serial Killer #PrayForKevin #teen VS #adult by Ellen_Reese
GOT GUTS? | How To Escape A #PrayForKevin
#1 in HORROR on May 15, 2018 #16 in MYSTERY/THRILLER on Feb 28, 2018 What would it take for a young boy to escape a psycho killer's horrifying captivity? It takes guts! ...
  • thriller
  • torture
  • killer
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Say You'll See Me Again (Modern Day Hiccstrid) by marshmellow_pillow
Say You'll See Me Again (Modern Nightshadow
Hayden Horrendous Haddock is a business man, CEO of his fathers company. He's all business...unless his office blinds are closed. Astrid's learned that as a signal. She'...
  • tuffnut
  • toothless
  • ceo
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My own worst enemy by TimeHuntersOfficial
My own worst enemyby TimeHuntersOfficial
Jessica was a very popular, tough, cold, badass detective who was living in L.A. She and her partner Vincent had solved many crimes through their careers. One day a case...
  • murder
  • losangeles
  • crime
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Drug Lord by LivingVehemence
Drug Lordby LivingVehemence
This is the real story of the student-teacher relationship I had with my same-sex teacher. I will not be using real names of people in this to protect their identity. Th...
  • springbreak
  • lgbt
  • school
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Small (Yoongi's Sister BTS Fanfic) by singformeangel
Small (Yoongi's Sister BTS Fanfic)by Dae Starr Seon-mi
Jimin just wants sprinkles on top of his coffee; is that such a bad thing? Why does the world seem bent to do anything and everything possible to keep him from getting t...
  • minyoongi
  • kpop
  • family
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Yandere Bully x Bullied by yandereloves
Yandere Bully x Bulliedby your mysterious sister
Kazuto, your bully since middle school, has his eye on something. Or someone. Unfortunetly, you're too busy to realize the world around you has gone missing. What's even...
  • love
  • victim
  • crazy
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† The Emo Boy I Cried For † by WaitWhoAreYou
† The Emo Boy I Cried For †by »Rebecca«
First Book In My Emo Series (but you can read them in any order and it still makes sense) Highest Ranking - #1 out of all of the Wattpad 'emo' books!! Wtf?? Thank you! ...
  • victim
  • friendship
  • undiscoveredgem
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Malicious // h.s. [Editing] by ComplicatedStyles
Malicious // h.s. [Editing]by Bailey
[Completed] Ma-li-cious Adjective Characterized by malice; intending or intended to do harm. Serial killers have motives that most of the time go unknown. Figuring them...
  • malicious
  • killer
  • murderer
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Her Babies by gracey_liz
Her Babiesby gracey_liz
Three teenagers find themselves captured by a Woman who calls them her "Babies." MATURE CONTENT: Violence, foul language, sexual harassment, and gore/disturbin...
  • scary
  • evil
  • wattys2018
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Beautiful Death by Georgia_cd
Beautiful Deathby Georgia C. D.
Five deaths. A secret concealed for centuries, now slowly unraveling. A curious detective. A petrified town. And a killer who decorates it's victims like dolls, out for...
  • creepy
  • wattys2018
  • doll
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What Happened to this Bully by SaswatSahoo
What Happened to this Bullyby SaswatSahoo
DAVBSEB school is perpetually violent and aggressive. A vulnerable new boy from a tamer school quickly gets targeted by a particular bully. The attempts to deal with him...
  • realitybased
  • shyness
  • controversy
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Dare to Save #1 | rewrite | [ArHi] by unspokenrain
Dare to Save #1 | rewrite | [ArHi]by Araina K.
| Completed | Arnav Singh Raizada. He uses his deepest scars as his weapon, the kindest eyes are overshadowed by chilliest glares, and his smile somewhere lost in his so...
  • assault
  • wattpadindia
  • college
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Make Me A Bad Bitch by kitkatkaypop
Make Me A Bad Bitchby kitkatkaypop
Aliza Taffe. A name everyone at Shepherds High School knew. She was the solution to everyone's problems. Failed a test? Beat her up! Someone annoyed you? Beat her up! Bo...
  • highschool
  • victim
  • bestfriends
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Silence by katyxverylazy
Silenceby ♡ Katy ♡
He wouldn't stop. I can still feel it as if it was happening right now. I'm still afraid. I feel his hands . I couldn't say no. I stood silent. Look what happens now.
  • help
  • nightmares
  • victim
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Su víctima»Jb. (ORIGINAL) by Romidrauhl_
Su víctima»Jb. (ORIGINAL)by Rom
Prohibida su copia y/o adaptación total/parcial.
  • violence
  • suvictima
  • original
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The Butterfly Keeper by angelicaort
The Butterfly Keeperby angelica™
Whilst staying after hours at a community college's art department, 17 year old Vanessa is kidnapped by 26 year old Sebastian. He takes her away to an isolated island in...
  • teenfiction
  • obsession
  • survive
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Glass House | Bandhunta Izzy story by gifteds0ul
Glass House | Bandhunta Izzy storyby deedee 🌸
❝ Can't get caught up throwing stones at a glass house..❞ 🌺
  • jealousy
  • victim
  • daveeast
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Dear Bully, by LizzyxBear
Dear Bully,by Lizzy
Forgive and forget Forget to forgive Forget to want Forget to need Forget to love Most importantly forget the want to live _________ This will be written in a letter t...
  • cutting
  • bully
  • teen
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キツネ 💮 v.k by gukkietae
キツネ 💮 v.kby KOOKV
"What a pretty lil' vixin you got there, Jeon." Jungkook swatted the hand away that wanted to touch his omega, from touching what's his, glaring at the dark-ha...
  • werewolves
  • hostage
  • vkook
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