Bully by -lonelynights
Bullyby 𝐭𝐰𝐢𝐬𝐭𝐞𝐝
He was the fox, and she was the rabbit - in which an obsessed bully relentlessly torments his victim over the years. !!!THIS BOOK IS IN THE PROCESS OF BEING REWRITTEN. T...
  • school
  • abuse
  • innocent
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Victim by -lonelynights
Victimby 𝐭𝐰𝐢𝐬𝐭𝐞𝐝
Some things are better left in the past - in which a sociopath disguised as a bully gets exactly what he wants at the expense of his victim.
  • obsession
  • childabuse
  • victim
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The "Dream Life" (COMPLETED)✔ by mssquared42
The "Dream Life" (COMPLETED)✔by Fangirl @ all times
*TRIGGER WARNING, ABUSE* Raina was never able to be satisfied with who she was. The bullies and their insults and to top it all of her dad. The man who was supposed to l...
  • love
  • self-love
  • romance
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Caught | 1D AU by Fruitycupcakegirl
Caught | 1D AUby Lililainerlunars
"I'll take care of you just like you'd take care of me." ♥️ CAUGHT /Kôt/ past and past participle of catch. verb • come upon (someone) unexpectedly. • intercep...
  • harry
  • mailk
  • kidnapped
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In Her Mind by TheHorzer
In Her Mindby DonutUnicorn
Places 2nd in The Flavored Awards The mind of a killer , a murderer is complex yet simple at the same time . But what drove her to crimes of such extent ? No one knows...
  • guts
  • murder
  • horror
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THE KILLER RUINED ME by perfectdude_duh
Story of an innocent yet fierce girl who lived a happy and affectionate life.But suddenly an event happened that changed her life.That was the turning point in her life...
  • rude
  • forced
  • victim
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Night Black Strings by Eyespitfire
Night Black Stringsby D.K.Edge
Scars. Given with a knife by a stranger four months ago. Alone. No help from my damnable Ex. Diminished. The power these cuts have over me. Fear. Everyday I am rel...
  • lyrics
  • identity
  • neighbors
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VICTIM by ladygirlXD
VICTIMby frans
It must be the start of the game. But i think, they can't survive at last. Please, save me. Save us. [Date Started: April 08, 2018 Date Ended: May 04, 2018] Edit.
  • epistolary
  • fantasy-romance
  • victim
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Falling for his victim by Creativecolette
Falling for his victimby Deaf girl writer
Meet Marcus lane. He's a 25 year old boy who normally doesn't want to ask for help and is very independent but then one day he because desperate when he turns to mugging...
  • romance
  • mugging
  • victim
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Broken and beaten down: My abuse story by Classicbug
Broken and beaten down: My abuse 🌸Little Princess🌸
⚠️Warning⚠️ Suicide, self harm, sexual abuse. This is a true story of my childhood and I finally am able to share it after debating for so long. Please take this serious...
  • suicidalthoughts
  • cgl
  • iwasonlyakid
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Rightful Heir by maryleam
Rightful Heirby Mary McKennan
"We all have our own life story. It is filled with relationships and events that help shape who we are and what we believe to be true about the world. Depending on...
  • curses
  • sixthsense
  • lifelessons
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The Sixth Call by books_before_movies
The Sixth Callby Eve Rest
Forbidden numbers are forbidden for a reason. Everest wanted a normal life - and she had it. Except for one single little thing. Her best friend Marey seems to be crazy...
  • demon
  • hell
  • six
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Wild Hair by mangopealer340
Wild Hairby mangopealer
Lolita Cohen has it all; the popularity, the friends, the respect... until her dad moves her across the country. In her new school Lolita doesn't expect to fall to the b...
  • fakerelationship
  • friendship
  • drama
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Savior  by -lonelynights
Savior by 𝐭𝐰𝐢𝐬𝐭𝐞𝐝
Tony was Olivia's savior. He was like Superman to her with his protective hugs and watchful eyes. Even then, sometimes he wasn't enough.
  • heartbreak
  • family
  • abuse
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Small (Yoongi's Sister BTS Fanfic) by singformeangel
Small (Yoongi's Sister BTS Fanfic)by Dae Starr Seon-mi
Jimin just wants sprinkles on top of his coffee; is that such a bad thing? Why does the world seem willing to do anything and everything possible to keep him from gettin...
  • suga
  • seokjin
  • kimtaehyung
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I Loved My Bully : iKON Bobby Fanfiction by JeniSacramento
I Loved My Bully : iKON Bobby urieeya
A story between the bully and their victim. Will you fall for him or will he fall for you? ~ My second story and my first fanfiction BEST RANKING SO FAR: number 1 in #...
  • victim
  • kpop
  • fanfiction
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Save me from these lies!! by Sylv12337
BL Roleplay  by Http-Ostrich
BL Roleplay by Http-Ostrich
BL is Boy x Boy
  • rules
  • bl
  • sadist
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despairful memories [dr next gen rp 6/20 open] by -yumeno
despairful memories [dr next gen ❛❛ nyeh ❜❜
You and 20 others students suddenly wake up in a normal hospital and none of you have no memory of how you got there. The speakers turn on and tell all of you to go outs...
  • hope
  • victim
  • mastermind
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Running by kwailey
Runningby Hailey Harris
Taylor went missing at the age of 12. Lydia and her mom Natalie moved from a small town called Homedale, Idaho to Salt Lake City, Utah. No one in Utah knows about what h...
  • whereshewent
  • romance
  • missing
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