Black Cherry °Jimin AMBW°

Black Cherry °Jimin AMBW°

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Feeling new to America. Well, New York that is. Jimin leaped from Korea all the way to the big apple out of mere curiosity and fascination. Before he even bought a ticket there, he bought a nice apartment that wasn't too far away from the main city. 

But on on that same day, there was a knock on his door that caused a stir in his life. Opening the door to see no one, he then looked down. Seeing a bag full of black cherries?

Plunking the sticky notes away, it read in English:

'Enjoy the sweet taste. There's plenty more where that came from. ;-)'

"Oh my god." He gasped.

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WhitneyLink WhitneyLink Sep 27
🎵Don't worry if we fall in love. We will never touch the ground.🎵
Rosaonizuka Rosaonizuka Aug 29
I know there's an innuendo in here but damn if I don't want those cherries 😶
WhitneyLink WhitneyLink Sep 27
🎵I'm gonna make you love me. Yes I will! Yes I will! I'm gonna make you love me. Yes I will! Yes I will!🎵
                              What's with luna
                              Is she the whole groups gf or something
Can we just, for a minute, admire how hot Jimin is 😍 I was just staring at the picture like "daaaaaaaammnnnnn!"