The Leaf?

The Leaf?

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Ida Ayumin is now 11.  She left her old clan when she was 6.  Feeling alone, and exhausted she is discovered outside the Leaf village.  Ida usally doesn't get mad that much, and doesn't seem like she knows of a bad day.

That's all false though.  Ida has been beaten, forced to murder, and had the lives of her two best friends threatened by the people who were supposed to love her most.  That would be part of the reason Ida ran away, and came upon the Leaf.

She doesn't regret leaving, but she is grateful for some of the skills she picked up.  Becuase of her clan, Ida is great at coming up with war strategies, and she can use pretty much every weapon.  Even though, Ida still swore revenge on them.

Disadvantages though, is that she isn't really used to being around people, and she doesn't know how most people react when someone is a little...different.  So when she does come to be around people, how will she act?  Can she seem normal, and get used to people?  Or will her past haunt her too much?  Will her desire for revenge take over everything?

disclaimer- i do not own Naruto or any of the characters beside my own.

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I like the book so far. I spotted a few spelling mistakes but other than that, it's an amazing start
Ya right now, I think Ida should be the 10 year old while Himoten should be the 6 year old
                              Wow. So, um, kid, where did you're mom learn this...? From Beelzebub?
                              Seems legit.
irvine328 irvine328 Apr 27
I was actually so into the story that I forgot this was a Naruto fanfiction xD
thatgirl491 thatgirl491 May 01
I love how I'm listening to a song called "Lost It All" while I read this chapter.......
-Saltychi -Saltychi Jun 23
ALL HAIL LOTD SATAN  (me and my friends scream this in class)