Impossible Temptation (A Naruto Love Story)

Impossible Temptation (A Naruto Love Story)

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Lucy By LucindaRose Completed

Lucy was only nine years old when she slaughtered not only her nightmarish parents, but incidentally her entire village in a blood thirsty rampage. Only just a child, she didn't know how to handle this new power that comes with being a diclonius, nor exactly what she is; so she ran away.

On the brink of death, she finds herself in the care of the Leaf Village's Hokage, who eventually adopts her and raises her as his own daughter. Unaware of her previous crimes, he welcomed her into the village with open arms. Lucy when asked about her past, faked amnesia, but lives with the regret of murdering many innocent people when she was just a child, hiding the indication of her lack of humanity underneath hats and ribbons. 

Lucille lives inside her, the blood thirsty personality every disclonious has and suppresses her as much as possible. Lucille acts as a threat to her daily life, wanting nothing but pain and suffering for all humans.

Now at the age of seventeen, Lucy is a newly graduated genin and anxious to begin her new life to discover her ninja way. With her friends, Naruto, Sasuke (and unfortunately Sakura); Lucy soon realizes that her past wasn't as easy to forget as she thought it would be. She begins to fear that if she doesn't find a way to control Lucille, she will end up either killing one of the those she loves or giving out her secret that's been hidden for eight years!

A/N: This is a crossover fan fiction between the anime Elfen Lied and Naruto! I am only using the diclonius idea and putting it in the Naruto anime. And one other thing; I did start this story when I was about thirteen (I am currently seventeen) and the first few chapters are a tad messy and some of the grammar is sketchy, but I promise it does get a lot better in the later chapters. I've decided to change her age repeatedly throughout writing this book and have finally decided on seventeen.

Update: Currently, working on editing. Your patience is appreciated.

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Nope. I believe it to be Sasuke and Naruto.
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I'll have my coffee how I like my men........
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lol it'd probably haunt him in his nightmares until his death
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Sucking face!!!! Omg! I am blessed by reading this amazing story