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To be a ninja (Naruto) {The tale of a shinobi: Book 1}

To be a ninja (Naruto) {The tale of a shinobi: Book 1}

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a child that's really tall By xxsungjae Completed

Meet Misaki Minami, a 12 year old girl from the Country of the wave, orphaned at the age of 5 and then taken under the care of a S-ranked criminal, a woman, called Shiro Maisawa, that taught her everything she knew. Through travellng the world, seeing differnet places, fighting bandits and learning jutsus Misaki thought that she had a pretty nice life untill one day when Shiro got kiled because of her.
Misaki, desperate to follow her sensei's last wish and save herself, was wandering through the forest untill she finally reached a village called Konohagure and collapsed on the ground in front of it. 
Follow her life when she joins team 7, deals with her past, goes on amazing adventures, always get's in to arguments with an Uchiha and falls in love for the first time with a certain redhead, all while learning how to become a ninja.

Yeah, so, a Naruto fanfiction ... It starts in the first season and'll probably follow the plot of the series n.n And it'll be a little different than the anime because I wrote this before I finished watching it so I didn't know some things yet. Hope you'll like it ^.^
[this isn't edited and there'll probably be some words spelled wrong, since I don't have perfect grammar]

At first when I saw Likes, I thought you put singing cats instead ear of singing,cats
I swear I've read this before but I can't remember XD IVE READ TOO MANY
11Kiki28KL 11Kiki28KL May 01
Damn Orochimaru. But eh *shrugs at the Zabu part* Zabuza is Zabuza. He's doing all he can in order to stay alive. Until... *remembers the fateful day*
KazumiUchiha45 KazumiUchiha45 Nov 07, 2016
Minami it's sort of like the last name of Kurama Youko but his name was changed into Suichi MINAMIno in Yu Yu Hakusho
AngelikaPorczyska AngelikaPorczyska Sep 11, 2016
Please, tell me this story is a joke, because I don't have nearly enough sanity to read it if it's not.
ItoMatrix ItoMatrix Nov 11, 2016
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