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The Uzumaki Twins | Believe It!  by rave_ren
The Uzumaki Twins | Believe It! by Author
[Naruto x Reader Various] In this bizarre world of shinobi there lived two extremely clumsy, knuckleheaded ninjas; also know as the Uzumaki Twins. They were inseparabl...
  • rocklee
  • kiba
  • shikamaru
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The Queen Of Cherry Blossoms~ Naruto fanfic (Neji love story) by CookieOtaku101
The Queen Of Cherry Blossoms~ ✨Akane~Matsuri✨
"I am a queen, or somewhat considered one.....that, I do not believe..." Aki Shizuki is a girl born into a non ninja family, but was born with exceptional ninj...
  • sakura
  • tenten
  • hokage
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Sand Puppy (a Gaara love story) by RandytheSuperSalt
Sand Puppy (a Gaara love story)by Deidara
She only ever met him through a screen, her existence unknown to him. Then one day she wakes up in his world, it was like a fanfic with only one small problem. She wasn'...
  • temari
  • naruto
  • sand
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Cat by strawhat_pirate
Catby strawhat_pirate
That's what she said.
  • gaara
  • suna
  • naruto
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She's Mine » Naruto x Reader x Sasuke by gottakillmymind
She's Mine » Naruto x Reader x 「neverland」
.:: my first reader-insert story ::. .:: pretty slow updates ::.
  • kankuro
  • sakura
  • gaara
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Play To Win || Naruto Fanfic by SimplyAMonster
Play To Win || Naruto Fanficby mønstęr
she was playing a game, the rules, however, was a different story +lowercase intended [Gamer Ability Unlocked] . . . . . . Started [3...
  • konohagakure
  • temari
  • kakashi
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Naruto Daddy scenarios by Terabyte_36
Naruto Daddy scenariosby Frostbyte36
This scenario/story would take place in the Boruto time line. characters included: ?NaruHina (Naruto and Hinata) ?SasuSaku (Sasuke and Sakura) ? Itachi ?ShikaTema (Shika...
  • inojin
  • team7
  • sasusaku
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A Child In Konoha (X Child Reader) by joa3000
A Child In Konoha (X Child Reader)by PurpleRose305
This story is about a little girl with especial powers. she was awakened from her deep slumber by non other then the Hokage, what will happen when she wakes up? Will eve...
  • readerxbrothers
  • narutofanfic
  • childreader
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The Dragon of the Sand by MadiTheOC
The Dragon of the Sandby Madi The OC
A young girl, wanting to forget her past, is abandoned near the Village Hidden in the Sand. Unknown by the rest of the village, she is often avoided and outcasted. She i...
  • fanfiction
  • suna
  • romance
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An Angel In The Dark (Naruto Fanfiction) (SLOW UPDATES) by mekatachika
An Angel In The Dark (Naruto Meka
Freak. Demon. Monster. Those were the 'nicest' names people use to label me as. I continued living my life normally, trying not to care about it. Well, as normal as any...
  • kiba
  • ino
  • sasuke
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Miwa Uchiha by MiwaUchiha
Miwa Uchihaby Miwa Uchiha
Hi. My name is Miwa Uchiha and this is my story. Now for those of you who don't know me, I am the secret twin sister of Sasuke Uchiha and younger sister of Itachi Uchih...
  • tenten
  • itachi
  • sasuke
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Sand and Stars (Gaara Love Story) by Kunoichi101
Sand and Stars (Gaara Love Story)by Ron-chan
“Wh-“ I then held his hand. “Shh,” I told him. “Don’t talk. Just close your eyes.” “I’ll just have nightmares,” he told me. “No more nightmares,” I used my free hand to...
  • gaara
  • desert
  • kankuro
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Light My Fire ((Kankuro X reader)) by Anuyushi
Light My Fire ((Kankuro X reader))by Anuyushi
You lost everything you held close. Being a ninja from the fire village that one day burned down. You were taken into the hidden leaf village where you began a new life...
  • gaara
  • kankuro
  • naruto
A new life in Suna.(Naruto fanfic) ON HOLD TILL 26th of MAY. by Alpha_Beta_Omega2116
A new life in Suna.(Naruto fanfic) Alpha Maiga
What happens if during the mission to wave Naruto had not stabbed himself and they went back to Konoha to remove the poison... due to his freezing up the council declare...
  • harem
  • fuu
  • naruto
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Another Uchiha (Major Editing!) by AngelicDemons9700
Another Uchiha (Major Editing!)by Rin Uchiha
Rin Uchiha is Sasuke and Itachi Uchiha's little sister. At the age of six she watches Shisui fall to his death unlocking her Mangekyo Sharingan. After that day she reads...
  • naruto
  • iruka
  • kankuro
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Cherry Blossoms | The Haruno Sisters  by rave_ren
Cherry Blossoms | The Haruno Author
[Naruto x Reader Various] "Sister to sister, heart to heart, bounded together from the start." Sakura Haruno, wasn't born alone. She was gifted with a twin...
  • uzamaki
  • naruto
  • tenten
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Back in Time to Save the World by sarahta1324
Back in Time to Save the Worldby Sarah Ta
Read ALL Description! Tsunade has given Sakura a forbidden jutsu that was created by the previous hokages. Her mission is to change Sasuke from following Orochimaru so t...
  • sakura
  • kankuro
  • temari
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The Demon They All Fear. {NARUTO} [COMPLETED] by Barry-The-Berry
The Demon They All Fear. {NARUTO} Barry-The-Berry
"But don't ever, and I mean never, hurt my friends and family. I will become the monster you all think I am, ya know." Unexpected thing happen. Her birth was u...
  • kiba
  • lee
  • ino
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[ShikaTema] The Thirty Day Challenge by Blanchefleur
[ShikaTema] The Thirty Day テル
How would they react on random situations?
  • naruto
  • tenten
  • kotetsu
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The Faceless Mask (Naruto Fanfic) by FuyumiFuyu
The Faceless Mask (Naruto Fanfic)by Fuyumi Fuyu
She knows everything about them. Yet they know nothing about her. She wanted to keep it that way. All they need to know is that she's a monster. No one has ever saw her...
  • shikamaru
  • sakura
  • naruto
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