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Naruto's Big Sister (A Gaara/ Sasuke Love Story) by CharmerBlossom
Naruto's Big Sister (A Gaara/ Sasu...by Mallory Sadler
Naruto wasnt aware he had a twin sister that was older than him, let alone a big sister that held the other half of the nine tails. When she arrives in the leaf after b...
  • lovetriangle
  • gaara
  • leaf
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Arron and Trexx by strawhat_pirate
Arron and Trexxby Straw
Barely escaping alive from a human trafficking ring, Arron finds herself running for her life as her captors seek to hunt her down, either to end her life or to torture...
  • choji
  • shikaku
  • ino
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Konohomaru's sister (Naruto fanfic) by Sprinklez888
Konohomaru's sister (Naruto fanfic)by Sprinklez888
Different's good right? Well according to grandpa. If different is so good. . . Why can't. . . Why can't I show my face?
  • feature
  • konohamaru
  • naruto
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Phantom Of Konoha by ForeverTwistedLove
Phantom Of Konohaby ForeverTwistedLove
Kakashi found a two year old Castiel at his doorstep with a note claiming that he was his son. Just to be sure he had blood test done, turns out the note was telling the...
  • naruto
  • leaf
  • sasuke
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Kakashi's Daughter by Sprinklez888
Kakashi's Daughterby Sprinklez888
I'm Miku Hatake. Things I like and things I hate... I don't feel like telling you that. My dreams for the future... never really thought about it. As for my hobbies... I...
  • itachi
  • choji
  • lordthird
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The Third Hatake: A Naruto Fanfiction by jarodlikestowrite
The Third Hatake: A Naruto Fanfict...by Spawn of Satan
Naruto Hatake, the son of Kakashi and his mother is unknown. He's very much like his father, sarcastic, funny, but most of all, mysterious, with his mask always on his f...
  • free
  • death
  • sasuke
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Guardians of the Elements by AzureBlueofPallet
Guardians of the Elementsby Azure Blue
Dawn is the light that tries to illuminate their hearts. Paul is the darkness that will snuff out their problems. May is the fire that will light a spark of hope in them...
  • may
  • marina
  • drew
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Tangled (Naruto fan fic) by Sprinklez888
Tangled (Naruto fan fic)by Sprinklez888
Yuri Kimiko is basically the definition of beauty, she was sent down to earth by her mother who wanted her to be safe and make friends. As she stays Naruto and his frien...
  • leaf
  • sasuke
  • kohona
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Animal Crossing New Leaf - Costume Codes by Loki-Roki
Animal Crossing New Leaf - Costume...by Loki-Roki
A collection of codes for costumes made by Loki-Roki supplied here for use on Animal Crossing New Leaf. Free to use, please vote if something takes your fancy. Upd...
  • leaf
  • new
  • costume
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Orochimaru's Daughter....Not Exactly by michellekitten
Orochimaru's Daughter....Not Exact...by Michelle Motta
From Orochimaru to the Akatsuki to the leaf. How will Kiminari survive moving so much? Kiminari is supposedly Orochimaru's daughter. The day right after she was born, Or...
  • hinata
  • zabuza
  • orochimaru
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Pokémon academy by Ironfistelite
Pokémon academyby IRONFIST ELITE
Five girls, one boy. Ash Ketchum has joined pokémon academy, where he meets these five girls Misty, May, Dawn, Iris and Serena. Read to know what adventures wait for the...
  • amourshipping
  • pokemon
  • pikachu
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What Could Go Wrong?(Pokemon Alternative) by Red_Hyoudou
What Could Go Wrong?(Pokemon Alter...by Red
Ashton Red Ketchum and four of his friends goes to Alola for a vacation or rather because of Prof. Oak. He and his friends along with his twin sister went to a school ca...
  • drew
  • serena
  • teamgalactic
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Angela's OneShots by GingerAndy
Angela's OneShotsby poĸeѕнιppιng qυeen
This book will gather all my Pokemon OneShots. It will include many shippings. Enjoy reading! *3*
  • palletshipping
  • oneshots
  • shots
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A Wicked Game (Sequel to Expenses of Love) by ShortStop2016
A Wicked Game (Sequel to Expenses...by ShortStop2016
After escaping Madara's wrath, Yukari and her friends, along with their children, try to find a new place to call home while also worrying about enemies from their old h...
  • hashirama
  • tobiramasenju
  • love
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Sakura's Older Sister!(Naruto Various X Reader) by Chica548
Sakura's Older Sister!(Naruto Vari...by Rose Haruno
Sakura had a older sister but she never known because her sister was gone on a mission and now she comes back. Will she catch all the attention of boys or no?
  • just
  • chica548
  • village
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A Little Too Far, A Little To Broken (Naruto Fanfic) by KnightWarrior_Luna
A Little Too Far, A Little To Brok...by KnightWarrior_Luna
It wasn't what they intended. It wasn't what they wanted. But it was what they got. They had intended to keep Naruto in reign. What they received, instead, was the knowl...
  • team7
  • fake
  • sasuke
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Forbidden (ItaSaku) - Book 1 by HarrysOnlyyAngel
Forbidden (ItaSaku) - Book 1by Andreea
Sasuke was her first and last love... or that's what she tought. She meets the cold-hearted S-ranked criminal that everyone fears and discovers that he is not how everyb...
  • itasaku
  • ninja
  • love
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»»╭Falling Leaves╮«« A Relaxed Warrior Cats Roleplay by Maddig1
»»╭Falling Leaves╮«« A Relaxed War...by 【❧❦Squishy❦❧】
»»╭Falling Leaves╮«« is a more relaxed Roleplay. Nothing intense at the start. No prophecy to fulfill yet. Just a clan living their lives in the trees... The Floodclan c...
  • trees
  • warriors
  • floods
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Narutos new home! (Mpreg)  by sasunarulover50
Narutos new home! (Mpreg) by yaoi lover
So naruto was going home to go eat some ramen and then fours guys in the leaf rape him stick weapons in him, will he survive, i wonder do some bad akatsuki memebers come...
  • love
  • family
  • leaf
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Pokemon Harem by Firewolfships
Pokemon Haremby Firewolf
Y/n L/n lives in Pallet Town and he's ready to go out on a Pokemon Adventure with his four companions and to beat his Rival, R/n....but what will happen if you got a Pok...
  • pokemon
  • malereader
  • gary
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