Frozen Past (A Naruto FanFic/Gaara Love Story)

Frozen Past (A Naruto FanFic/Gaara Love Story)

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The Shinobi world is a harsh, unforgiving place. Akari Kita knows this. And yet, it's been her dream to become a Ninja, and impress her family, as well as the Clan she seems to inherit no skills from. The Kita Clan is renowned in the Village Hidden in the Leaves for their spectacular Taijutsu skills. And then there's Akari, who ends up pressed into the dirt no matter who she fights in Taijutsu. Despite this, she's determined to uphold the name of her Clan, and to be the best Shinobi she can be for her Village. But along the way, Akari discovers a tragic moment in her past that will change her view of the world forever. Everyone will be shocked, even a certain cool-headed silver-haired Jonin who just happens to take a liking to Akari. She'll face dangers and enemies, but she'll have her teammates with her. Will she survive this world, where one false move, one bit of bad information, can get you killed?

Disclaimer: I DO NOT OWN NARUTO (though how freaking awesome would that be?) I only own Akari and whatever other characters aren't from the series. And I own the changes to the plot. But other than that, I OWN NOTHING.

0takutrash 0takutrash Oct 09, 2016
id totally ship it,  if I didnt already know that this is a gaara love story
_AnimeLover26_ _AnimeLover26_ Oct 27, 2016
Yes! I was looking for a story where the OC is placed on a different team. Just because the main protagonist of the story is in Team 7, you actually have place your OC with him. 😂✌️
Rose_Dragneel Rose_Dragneel Oct 13, 2016
Sasori_Puppet Sasori_Puppet Sep 03, 2016
This is new....i love how different this is compared to other fanfics...
SolarisVoid SolarisVoid Dec 13, 2016
Finallyyyyyy an OC that isn't on Team 7! I love Team 7 to death but it's such a cliché concept now.
kemonchapman3333 kemonchapman3333 Aug 08, 2016
I would be terrified of Shino I hate beetles and roaches  😷