Forever Blue ~A Sansxreader Sequel to The Verte-bae~

Forever Blue ~A Sansxreader Sequel to The Verte-bae~

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Sequel to The Verte-Bae 

It's happening...

The timeline has reset again, but this time it's peculiar, unique.

Sans, and all of the other monsters are trapped underground, and you are still on the surface, living the life you left behind.

Will the two of you be able to reunite or will you remain forever blue?

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                              Author Chan
                              Killing me
                              But I'm great full for another book 
                              Now that the second book is out, I guess I should
                              Turn a page
I'm late but..... Hmmmmm..... Galaxy? Stars? (I'm bad at naming but something about the night) harmony? I dunno!
Why doesn't the kid just go jump down the old hole and pay Sans a visit herself Smh
Panderful Panderful Jan 22
yes, the feels hit like oceans last time. please take it easy on us.
-_Cecilia_Mozai_- -_Cecilia_Mozai_- Sep 04, 2016
                              I LOVE KURO!
                              KURO MEANS BLACK!
                              THE CAT IS BLACK!
                              RIN'S FAMILIAR's NAME IS KURO!
                              I LOVE BLUE EXORCIST!
                              I LOVE ANIME IN GENERAL!
                              So can be please just call him kuro?
Shadowsangel05 Shadowsangel05 Jul 23, 2016
you're better than me. at drawing sans, and at making books. can you tell me how you get books to have so much feels?