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My new pet Swapfell! Sans x Reader

My new pet Swapfell! Sans x Reader

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who's laughing now? By -Bendy- Completed

You fallen into the underground, lost, confused...and no memories, what will happen to you when you encounter monsters that want your soul?

Swapfell! Sans x reader

My_Life_Is_Half_Joke My_Life_Is_Half_Joke Aug 31, 2016
so does that mean i'm making *whips off sunglasses* a choice with no regrets?
Crystal_Dreams24 Crystal_Dreams24 Sep 02, 2016
*trips in slow motion* *sings as I fall* MMM WHAT YOU SAY!!! MMM THAT YOU ONLY MEANT WEEEEELLLLLLL!!!!
LyfLikeABossXD LyfLikeABossXD Sep 03, 2016
*leaps down hole* YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE MOTHERFU—*crashes to ground*
PennyPech PennyPech Oct 15, 2016
NO REGRETS* jumps in the hole.* YOLO! * finds myself in Underfresh* YES!
I have just one suggestion:
                              Keep on truckin' friend, keep on truckin' 👌👌👍👍👍👏👏👏
AshlynButler0 AshlynButler0 a day ago
-Opens wound and starts bleeding- IM BLEEDING OUT So if it's the last thing I do is bring you down I'll bleed out for you so I hold my skin and I count my sins and I close my eyes and take it in i'm bleeding out so ugly that for you ,for you!