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MCYT Oneshots (Mostly Tommyinnit Centric, Maybe Other Fandoms) by V_Apollo
MCYT Oneshots (Mostly Tommyinnit V Apollo
Yo, here we go. Cross posted on Ao3, where I am ServerNotFound. If you want a better description on each chapter, then check Ao3, before there's a summary for each chap...
Horror in Hell (Male Horror Sans Reader x Highschool dxd) by Obitoistor
Horror in Hell (Male Horror Sans Saul Vasquez
Hello so I'm new to this and this is my first time writing a book so if some spelling is wrong sorry about it . The Occult Research Club or ORC for short is a group of d...
Try Again? by Robot_Ramen
Try Again?by Robot_Ramen
Error might have been well known across the multiverse, but it wasn't exactly positive attention. Having 'destroyer of universes' as your job title was bound to have a n...
Sleepy Bois Inc One Shots by Super_Nova1285
Sleepy Bois Inc One Shotsby ✨Your Local Gay Space God✨
Here is my Sleepy Bois Inc one shots (+awesamdad) cause i like them- it's mainly just small ideas that are sad or cute (mainly sad because i'm an angsty teen) NOT MY ART...
Dragon of Destruction by LunarFlower693
Dragon of Destructionby LunarFlower693
Error didn't know what to expect after being pushed into the Void. He didn't expect to be transformed into a teenager. He didn't expect to fall into a world full of drag...
Izuku's (Deku's) Multiverse Adventure by Alex67387
Izuku's (Deku's) Multiverse Knight of Darkness
This is my first story. Hope you enjoy it! By the way, In this story, I bring all the main characters except Deku into my theater and make them react to him and his alte...
Becoming ink sans from undertale/underverse !? by KarmaAkabane425
Becoming ink sans from undertale/ Karma Akabane
What if someone from our world died knowing a lot from the undertale and their multiverse/underverse? What if that person also knew about the balance and didn't creat to...
Tommyinnit Oneshots by mainshipper098
Tommyinnit Oneshotsby Moonlight
I have too much going on in my head about AU's and such... so I'm creating this, most of this will be a AU of some sort but some will be kinda normal. Read if you want b...
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Sans and reader oneshots by SuperFanGirl1738
Sans and reader oneshotsby SuperFanGirl1738
Just some oneshots that I write when I'm bored or if I want to. If you have an idea that you want me to make into a chapter then let me know by commenting or by writing...
Undertale AU Humans Oneshots by A-Pan_Player-Ready
Undertale AU Humans Oneshotsby A-Pan_Player-Ready
If the title confuses it's like Krises, Charas, and Frisks. Maybe like Betty too. Idk. Cover art isn't mine nor are the CHARActers hahaha ha ha... ha.
TommyInnit Angst by AceLostAgain
TommyInnit Angstby AceLostAgain_
-------------------⚠ NONE OF THE ART HERE IS MINE UNLESS SAID SO ⚠ ------------------- Welcome to my book :] I will try to post weekly- though I would probably rarely up...
Undertale AU Pics (Requests Opened) by CSatsu_Shinki
Undertale AU Pics (Requests Opened)by Rat obsession
Just some pictures that I found shitposty,cute, or funny.(ART IN THIS STORY DON'T BELONG TO ME)
Haikyuu!! AUs (x Reader) Pt 2 by Purple_Potion
Haikyuu!! AUs (x Reader) Pt 2by Bacon
Haikyuu!! x Reader (One-Shots and Short Stories) •────⋅☾☼☽⋅────• Second Edition. If you have any requests please message me directly.
Danmachi - Reacting by SenjuUzamaki
Danmachi - Reactingby Dragoon 0720
This is my first Story so I do hope you enjoy. A small group of Gods want to feed their own curiosity and see the reactions of the casts. Please understand there will mo...
Bnha Reacts to Deku | REMAKE | by LunaMoonSongs12
Bnha Reacts to Deku | REMAKE |by WolfiMoon ;3
I wanted to make a improved version of my last Bnha Reacts, also I wanted to start from scratch T-T. Apologies for such an action but i wanted to do it, just so you kno...
Cute ( Bts X Male Reader ) by JungNCTWoo
Cute ( Bts X Male Reader )by JungNCTWoo
" Your cute "
Frans oneshots for smut/lemon by kawaii_trash180
Frans oneshots for smut/lemonby 名前Nemuidesu_Chanzちゃん
RanPoe Oneshots by Leviathans_Hell
RanPoe Oneshotsby ★Lost Is Gay★
Thanks for being interested in my book! This story contains NSFW themes/Images and if you are under 18 I advise you to not read but I understand when I was 15 I didn't...
random - dnf by peelol420
random - dnfby dumb hoe
um idk cute moments of dnf i think about WAAAAAA TY FOR READING also trying to post as much as i can sorry aa ongoing!! updates will be slow slow beginning - nov 26, 202...