I Was Never Yours

I Was Never Yours

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Blair By JessGirl93 Completed

"You were forced upon me, you are a liability. I do not love you, I will never love you Arianna." 

What happens when on the day of your sister's wedding she decides to leave the groom at the altar and  you're asked to marry your brother-in-law to be? 

Join eighteen year old Arianna for a ride she'd never expected to go on. Join twenty-three year old  Zach for a marriage he had never  prepared himself for. Can these two put aside everything that went on in their past? Can Arianna forget her first true love? Can Zach ever see Arianna as anything but a replacement?

shirinxx shirinxx Feb 10
Hey, you're jugding her too soon... that doesnt mean her sister is better.. -_-
NNTasha99 NNTasha99 Feb 02
They shouldn't do that to her, I mean she needs to sacrifice her love just to marry someone who she doesn't love, that's sad 😔
shirinxx shirinxx Feb 10
Sadly.. they dont know what is going to happen.. muahahhahah
Arianna4486 Arianna4486 Jan 29
When I saw that the character's name was Arianna I just had to read it
lizania lizania Feb 03
I read The Bad Boy's Girl a few years ago and let me tell you that that book is my life I love it soooo much and I'm going to read this even though you said it's not that good 😊😘❤️
Aarron79 Aarron79 5 days ago
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