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“Something’s different,” Noted Olivia as she walked through our house, well now only my parent’s house but she didn’t need to know that. After being let out of the hospital I had had no choice but to bring her back to the city and to this house. There wasn’t any place else that she could go and I wasn’t ready to let her out of my sight just yet.

“I know it looks a little creepy right now but that’s just because mom and dad have been in Italy for months and I was in Chicago with you.” I said quickly before she could start investigating as to why the place looked like it hadn’t been inhabited since the last century. White sheets covered the furniture and dust had settled onto every pristine item our mother bought. We’d never seen the house look like this before, it was usually spotless, thanks to the staff but even they hadn’t been in here for a long time. There were secrets in the house that my parents went to hide and they were starting to become more and more obvious.

“Still something doest feel right here. Can’t we just go and live in some hotel?” she pouted as she wiped the dust off a window with her finger.

“I thought we agreed to keep you out of the public eye Livy, you need your rest and you need it without being hounded by the press or anyone else for that matter. I’ve called Madeline, the rest of the cleaning staff will be here later too and this place will be as good as new.” I said with a squeaky over enthusiastic voice making my sister wince. She didn’t argue further and a couple of hours later when our house looked like it did before I noticed her lingering around the place with a wistful expression on her face. I knew she missed the kind of lifestyle she used to have, to have the world at her feet and be invincible. It was obvious in everything she did, in everything she said and sooner or later she’d find a way to have it all back.

“Hey Livy I’m just going to head out and grab some groceries okay?” I yelled out to her as I grabbed my coat from the rack. She was already soaking in the hot tub, sipping wine and completely in her element so I didn’t wait for her to respond. I simply instructed our housekeeper Madeline to have a look on her at regular intervals and remind her to take her pain medication. Slipping outside into the cool air, I finally let out a breath I’d been holding the entire day and called him. I felt guilty for not having done it earlier but with Olivia hanging over my head all the time, I didn’t really find a suitable opportunity.

“Hey you.” He picked up instantly and the sound of his voice made me smile to myself. I missed him, as strange and shocking as it was I’d gotten used to spending most of my day with him back in Chicago and I was going through some serious withdrawal.

“Hey, sorry I couldn’t call earlier. Olivia’s been taking her time getting used to everything.” He chuckled at how annoyed I sounded and the sound warmed me up. He really should laugh more often; it brought out a whole new side of him that I really wanted to get acquainted to.

“Well are you free now? I thought we could get some dinner and …talk.”

I bit my lip as Zach waited for my answer. What did I tell him? Yes I would love to spend time with you but I don’t want to talk about the elephant in the room? Ever since my break down at the hospital, Zach had been trying to get me to talk about Noah, to open up and tell him what I wanted. I’d shut him out most of the time because it wasn’t something I was willing to think about just yet. There was so much going on in my life, in Olivia’s life that my love life didn’t really seem to matter. Though these were all excuses and Zach and I both knew that.

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