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The doctor sighed in resignation and fell onto his seat. On his desk were scattered all of Arianna's various reports but apparently even when most of them had come out normal, I wasn't supposed to be relieved.

"Yes Mr. Price, trauma. Your wife has suffered a huge emotional setback and in layman terms it means that now almost all her emotions are heightened beyond a point which can be considered healthy. Her physical injuries may have healed but her mental health is still a sensitive issue."

He rubbed his jaw, his grey stubble more prominent than ever. Dr Ribeck had as per my request not left Ari's side since she got up post surgery and for that I was extremely grateful but the things he was telling me now were making it increasingly difficult for me to like the man.

"So what do you want me to do?" My question sounded dumb to my own ears but I just couldn't understand what was happening. They way Ari had reacted to me had broken me down in the worst of ways, the seething hatred in her eyes, the fury behind her words and her wanting nothing to do with me, had torn me up.

" For now I would advise you to keep your distance. It's obvious that something related to you has her reacting to you the way she did. That kind of stress isn't good for her, she needs time to heal completely and as much as it will hurt you to hear this, that time should be spent away from you."

" But Doctor... I can't leave her, not when she's like this. She's my wife damn it, I'm supposed to be taking care of her." my argument fell to deaf ears as he simply shook his head.

" Your wife's heart rate shoots up the moment you enter her room, her blood sugar drops and her mind goes into overdrive. I can't do my job when she's so emotionally unstable so you had better paid attention to what I've been saying. I understand your need to be with her but at this rate you really shouldn't. Maybe instead of waiting by her door all night long, you should find out why Arianna reacted the way she did."

He sympathically patted my back and then left for rounds. With my head in my hands I let out a long breath. Falling to the back of my seat I thought about the events which had occured in the last three to four weeks. I'd been such an idiot to leave at a point when she needed me most, instead of being there for her, I pretended that I was sick of her. My fault, it was entirely my fault and I'd be damned before I allowed it to ruin our relationship.

I wasn't angry about the fact that she'd hidden the pregnancy from me. I had been acting like an asshole, avoiding her at all times and then when she'd started to say something the day I was leaving I had treated her like crap. I didn't deserve that kind of happiness, no one like me had a right to that kind of bliss. It was only due to my stupidity that Ari and I had lost our first child, she was broken because I'd vowed to protect her and failed, if she wanted to blame me I'd gladly let her.

Leaving the office to grab a cup of coffee from the machine down the hall I noticed Bruce plopped down on a bench, anger written all over his face. My instincts told me that it had something or the other to do with Ari's accident, my instructions had been pretty specific, find the guy and throw him in jail before I killed him using my bare hands.

When he heard me approaching him his head snapped up and eyes widened. For a moment he looked almost...afraid but then his face hardened like he'd made some sort of decision mentally.

" Did you find out something?"

He got up so that we were now eye to eye and nodded.

" I had a few leads but they all fell flat but...about an hour ago I saw something and I swear on my life it has something to do with Miss Arianna's accident." He gulped like the words that had come out of his mouth were the hardest ones he'd ever spoken. I felt my hands ball into fists at my sides, my nails digging into my palms. My heart pounded as I waited to hear the name of the person who'd ruined my life.

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